How To Wear & Style A Suit In Summer

Hot weather, even hotter looks.

How To Wear & Style A Suit In Summer

The following article was produced in partnership with Van Heusen.

For many of us Aussie blokes, it’s been a very long time since we’ve had to wear a suit. Call it one of the few benefits (or negatives) of The Spicy Cough. But now that summer’s here and we’ve got weddings, parties and special occasions filling up our calendars, the need to look good in a suit has never been greater.

But it’s not always easy styling a suit in summer. Hotter weather means it’s more important than ever to pick cuts and materials that will remain comfortable even as the mercury rises – but the sartorial demands of the summer party season mean you need to be both tactical and playful with colours and textures.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Van Heusen – Australia’s leading purveyor of suits and business shirts – to show you how to make a proper style statement this summer, and how to nail any summer suiting look.

Our first tip about wearing suits in summer: ditch the classic black and dark blue. There’s nothing wrong with the classics, but the lighter weather also gives you the opportunity to experiment with a wider range of styles and colours.

Van Heusen’s latest Black Label collection encapsulates a wide variety of hues but we’re a big fan of this light charcoal example. Crafted from premium Australian wool, it has a subtle check texture that differentiates it from your average suit. Wool is the perfect suit material for summer, as it’s light, breezy and soft.

Pair it with a light-coloured shirt and colourful tie – or ditch the button-down and rock a plain white T-shirt for a more casual look. Lighter-coloured suits like this one work just as well with black dress shoes as they do with a clean pair of white sneakers.

For a more retro look, try this brown suit. Brown suits used to be a bit of a punchline but with all things 70s coming back in vogue as we head into 2023, you’ll be well ahead of the curve if you opt for this number.

This linen blend suit features Van Heusen’s most contemporary slim fit, which tapers down through the waist and emphasises the chest, making for a sleek silhouette. The jacket is unstructured and half-lined, making it both versatile and comfortable.

Ditch the matching pants and just rock the blazer on its own with a shirt and chinos for a more sporting look… Or flip the script and wear the whole suit but pair it with a clean white singlet for impeccable casual vibes. Throw on some light brown Oxfords and a pair of sunnies and you’ll look like a million bucks.

No summer wardrobe is complete without a decent set of chinos. Whether you want to go casual and pair them with some sneakers and a tee, or if you want to split the difference with a blazer and a shirt, slim-cut chinos are an absolute must.

Van Heusen’s got you covered on this front, thankfully. Made from premium cotton with a subtle stretch, their chinos come in a wide variety of colours. Quality craftsmanship and robust materials mean you can roll them up with confidence – perfect for more relaxed settings – or leave them down for a more defined look, perfect with boots or dress shoes.

Soft and not too heavy, they won’t weigh you down this summer. Forgo the belt and tuck in your t-shirt for an assertive aesthetic, or pair your chinos with one of the brand’s many stylish business shirts (they are the number-one selling business shirt brand in department stores across Australia, after all) and a tie for a winning office look.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to try new things, impress people with your sartorial know-how and above all, have a bit of fun. It’s the season to make a statement!

Regardless of what your wardrobe needs, the events on your calendar or the statements you’re trying to make, Van Heusen has everything you need to put your best foot forward this summer. Modern, versatile and impeccably made, Van Heusen is your one-stop shop for style this summer.

Check out Van Heusen’s Spring/Summer ‘22 ‘Any Wear, Any Time’ Collection in the video below or by clicking here.