Make A Splash With Rincon Fade: Costa’s Sustainable Shades With West Coast Flair


Make A Splash With Rincon Fade: Costa’s Sustainable Shades With West Coast Flair

The following article was produced in partnership with Sunglass Hut.

Costa, a renowned eyewear brand with a heritage rooted in adventure, has launched its latest masterpiece — the ‘Rincon Deep Blue Fade’ sunglasses.

Founded by a group of hardcore fishermen in 1983, Costa has consistently pushed the boundaries of premium eyewear design so that you can look and feel your best during all your water adventures. With an industry-leading focus on sustainability and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, the Rincon Deep Blue Fade sunglasses exemplify the brand’s commitment to always delivering premium quality and elevated style in equal measure.

Costa’s story began with a profound realisation: existing sunglass brands couldn’t keep up with the demands of those whose hearts were set on hitting the water and hitting it hard. Driven by the desire to experience the world with unmatched clarity, the brand’s founders embarked on a journey to create eyewear that would stand up to the challenges of aquatic adventure. Decades of innovation and dedication have earned Costa pride of place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Their latest innovation, the Rincon Deep Blue Fade, continues this legacy with an effortless cool. A celebration of the iconic California point break and the laid-back charm of the West Coast, the shades feature a classic straight bridge, graceful wraparound lines, and edgy curved temples, exuding seamless style and vibrancy. Costa’s commitment to sustainability shines through in these sunglasses too: crafted from castor plant bio-based resin, their environmental impact is minimised while their quality remains uncompromised. Costa ensures that style and environmental consciousness can always go hand in hand, and that looking good need never be mutually exclusive with leaving a positive impact on the natural world.

Designed with Costa’s Lightwave Glass lenses, the Rincon Deep Blue Fade offer unparalleled clarity and sharpness, while mirror technology embedded in the lenses not only adds a touch of sophistication but also shields your eyes from harmful UV rays and distracting glare. They also feature spring hinges that provide much-needed flexibility and durability, ensuring a comfortable fit that lasts, no matter the thrills you might be chasing. The oversized frame means everyone can wear a pair in comfort — “big heads”, we’re looking at you — while the high bridge offers a secure and snug fit for those with higher nose bridges and lower cheekbones.

Even more importantly are the way in which the Rincon shades are designed to make sure you can express yourself no matter the occasion. The Matte Blue Fade frame embodies the essence of coastal living, making it a must-have fashion statement for any true water lover. Its rectangular shape complements a variety of face shapes, with oval and round faces particularly well-suited to this striking design. 

As the sun-kissed waves beckon and adventures await, the Rincon Deep Blue Fade promise to be your trusted companion. With their sustainable brilliance and West Coast flair, these shades epitomize the spirit of coastal living and exploration. Whether you’re hitting the surf or simply enjoying life by the water, embrace the style and protection that the Rincon Deep Blue Fade bring.

Available exclusively at Sunglass Hut until the end of September, pick up a pair of Costa Rincon Fade while stocks last and step into a world of clarity, style, and sustainability as you make a splash with this extraordinary addition to Costa’s legendary eyewear collection. While you’re at it, be sure to share your adventures with the Costa community and #SeeWhat’sOutThere. 

Costa Rincon Fade is available now at Sunglass Hut for $324.