Aussie Men Rejoice As Politix Launches Suit Range That Will Actually Fit You

Politix now has fits for everybody.

Aussie Men Rejoice As Politix Launches Suit Range That Will Actually Fit You

The following article was produced in partnership with Politix

Fashion is cyclical, but some looks always stay in vogue. Take men’s suits for instance – the bulky power suits of the 1980s may have had their time in the sun, and ultra slim suits were all the rage in 2009, but we now live in an era where we want the best of both worlds. These days no one wants to just limit themselves to just one style. And if we’re being honest, for most of us it would be a struggle to fit into the Politix suit we wore to our year 10 formal. This in mind, as regular fits become all the rage, Politix has now updated its range of suits to include a regular fit which is a bit more generous than their slim or ultra slim suits, but still features comfortable stretch fabrics and considered tailoring that helps you avoid swinging the other way and looking too baggy.

If there’s one brand that knows how to keep men always looking their best, as well as how to craft a decent suit, it’s Politix. Politix has long been a go-to for men looking for an ultra slim fit suit. The brand’s style has changed over the years however to include slim and regular fits, with a wide range of fabrics and colours. Suffice to say, Politix now has fits for everybody.

No matter the dress code, a slim fit suit is always a good choice. But not all slim suits are created equal. Many feature impractically high trouser breaks and poorly considered proportions that make a man look silly rather than suave. For bigger blokes, it’s often hard to find a slim fit suit that looks good on you. Everyone wants to look crisp but you don’t want to look like you’re being suffocated.

No fear: Politix’s slim fit cuts are the antithesis of this. Whether we’re talking shirts, jackets or pants, they’re all nicely tailored yet generous in all the areas where you need it most, they’re a no-brainer no matter the dress code. Politix’s clever stretch fabric blends have just enough give to keep you comfortable as well as maintain a professional-looking structure.

Politix also offer an ultra slim fit that tapers in even further and provides an even sleeker silhouette – but they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater (like those nasty skinny fit suits of days gone past we mentioned earlier). They’re super sharp, but still conventional enough to suit more formal occasions.

As we mentioned above, fashion is cyclical. As we move away from the super skinny fit suit craze, we’re seeing that looser, more airy suits, shirts and pants are becoming increasingly de rigeur. Which makes Politix’s ‘regular’ fit, which is a bit more generous than their slim or ultra slim fits, such an essential in your wardrobe.

No matter which fit you go for – regular, slim or ultra slim – Politix’s suit blazers and trousers feature premium materials and elevated details such as double welt pockets, bound lining inner seams and high-quality hardwear, so you know that your suit will last even longer than that feeling of confidence you get when you step out in the perfect fit.

Politix, which was founded in Melbourne in 1975, have long been famed for their exceptional range of men’s shirts – from their ultra slim shirts and their slim numbers to their regular shirts to modernise the range, they’ve got a bit of everything.

Fashion constantly evolves, but a good suit is timeless. Similarly, just as Australian men come in all shapes and sizes, Politix has a fit for everybody and for every occasion. There’s a reason why they’ve been the go-to name for suits and menswear for so long: nothing beats their stylish fits.

Check out Politix’s entire range of men’s suits and suit fits at their online boutique here.