Rado Nail It Once Again With ‘Ultra-Stylish’ Captain Cook Bi-Colour

"Perfect for the modern Australian man about town."

Rado Nail It Once Again With ‘Ultra-Stylish’ Captain Cook Bi-Colour

The Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour in yellow gold (ref. R32138153)

The following article was produced in partnership with Rado.

Two-tone watches are currently experiencing an unprecedented revival in 2021. After experiencing a spike in popularity during the 80s and 90s, watches featuring a combination of steel and gold have flown under the radar for a while – with watch fans now rediscovering their joys.

It’s not hard to see why, either. Two-tone watches are the perfect balance between luxury and practicality: they’re lighter and more resilient than a pure gold watch, yet more luxurious and eye-catching than straight steel. In short, they’re versatile – able to be dressed up and dressed down – and perfect for the modern Australian man about town.

But not all two-tone watches are made equal. It’s a bold aesthetic that needs a bold watch – like the Rado Captain Cook. Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to the Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour: one of the best two-tone watches of 2021, or indeed in recent memory. It’s quite simply a stunner.

What makes the Captain Cook Bi-Colour special? It’s all in the execution. The Captain Cook’s sharp, retro design perfectly suits a two-tone colour scheme, the radiance of gold used to highlight essential features of the watch: its bezel, its crown, hands and indices, as well as on that beautiful ‘rice grain’ bracelet. It’s like a cascade of little gold bars…

The Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour in yellow gold (ref. R32138153)
The Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour in rose gold (ref. R32137153)

Thankfully, wearing one isn’t actually like lumping around a gold bar on your wrist. Far from it. Rado is known as the ‘Master of Materials’; they’re real wizards when it comes to high-tech watch finishes. The gold features on the Captain Cook Bi-Colour are the result of a PVD process. PVD, or physical vapour deposition, is a process where the watch’s surfaces are coated with a thin layer of titanium nitride, an extremely dense and exceptionally hard metal compound, which the gold is then bonded to in a vacuum.

Essentially, this means that the Captain Cook Bi-Colour has that unmistakable lustre that only real gold can produce, combined with the scratch resistance and reduced weight of titanium. It’s more durable, lighter and tarnishes less than pure gold – which are ideal qualities for a sporty dive watch like the Captain Cook. Two finishes are available: yellow gold or rose gold. Both look like a million bucks.

Speaking of diving, don’t let the watch’s luxurious good looks fool you: the Captain Cook Bi-Colour is still a thoroughbred tool watch. Its in-house Calibre R734 not only has an impressive 80hr power reserve and water-resistance rating of 300m, but it’s also the first Rado movement to utilise a Nivachron balance spring: a titanium-based alloy that not only has remarkable anti-magnetic properties but is also extremely resistant to fluctuations in temperature as well as impacts – perfect for adventures both in and out of the water.

In short, the Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour really gives you the best of all worlds. Versatile, capable, stylish and ultimately, quite fun. So really, everything you’d want from a watch. It’s the perfect daily wearer and seems absolutely designed for Australian conditions… What more could you want out of a timepiece?

Discover the Rado Captain Cook Bi-Colour range here in both yellow gold and rose gold.