Smells Like Freedom: Coach’s New Fragrance Forged In Wanderlust

Let Open Road be your scented companion as you embrace new horizons.

Smells Like Freedom: Coach’s New Fragrance Forged In Wanderlust

The following article was produced in partnership with COACH.

In a world where the destination all too often takes precedence, Coach’s brand-new Open Road reminds us that the true beauty lies in the experiences along the way.

This new fragrance for men, inspired by friendship, adventure, and the endless optimism of a road trip along the American West Coast, captures the very essence of spontaneity, embodying the often overlooked and undervalued spirit of male camaraderie. Created in collaboration with Director and Photographer Fabien Baron, Open Road invites you to embark on an olfactory journey that celebrates the joy of exploration.

The story of this fragrance goes right back to Coach’s roots. The global fashion house — founded in New York in 1941 — channels all the courageous, inclusive spirit that its hometown has to offer. With all its products crafted under the watchful eye of Creative Director Stuart Vevers, Coach creates beautiful things that transcend trends and stand the test of time. Open Road is certainly no exception as the brand brings the thrill of adventure, the joy of brotherhood, and the eternal draw of wanderlust into its world-renowned remit. 

The fragrance itself was brought to life by master perfumer Jean-Christphe Hérault, who has seamlessly captured the inimitable feeling of chasing new horizons. Just like a long and winding journey into the warming sun of the West Coast, the fragrance develops over time, gradually unleashing a bold but dynamic scent that unfolds in distinct, memorable scenes, just like those unexpected adventures and the many magical moments therein. Photographer Fabien Baron — a longtime collaborator with Coach and a master of his craft in his own right — adds a joyously nostalgic lens to Hérault’s creation. 

The top note, bursting with the freshness of crisp red apple and sparkling lemon Primofiore — reminiscent of the invigorating winds of adventure — set the stage for the sensory sensation that’s set to follow. As the fragrance develops, an energizing dose of spicy Sichuan pepper takes the floor, infusing Open Road with its eponymous sense of excitement and anticipation.

The heart reveals a vibrant blend of lavender and clary sage, transporting us to places welcomely far removed from our all too familiar urban landscapes. These aromatic accords evoke the feeling of traversing breathtaking landscapes, capturing the essence of the West Coast’s picturesque beauty. With each breath, you are transported further into the heart of the journey, where long-lasting memories are made and lifelong bonds are forged.

Lastly, the fragrance dries down to a contemporary duet of patchouli and vetiver takes hold. These earthy notes — complemented by the warm, woody softness of cedarwood — pay homage to the landscapes we cross, leaving a trail of newfound sophistication in our wake. Open Road encapsulates the very essence of exploration, inviting you to embark on new adventures with confidence, whether you know your destination or not. Open Road embodies the power of peregrination over purpose. 

The fragrance’s bottle is the perfect physical manifestation of the scent’s vocation, as you can expect from a world leader in faultless fashion design. Mirroring the glassy surface of the rolling sea with its transparent glass, infused with the captivating blue-grey shade of the coastal horizon, its gunmetal clasp — inspired by the house’s iconic turnlock hardware — adds a touch of graceful, grounding masculinity.

A subtly engraved “C” on the bottom pays homage to Coach’s Signature, a symbol of the brand’s timeless heritage. The packaging completes the picture: featuring Coach’s iconic Horse and Carriage logo with a distinguished gunmetal effect, the elegant box — adorned with a subtle leather texture — signifies the brand’s rich heritage in leathercraft. Together, the bottle and packaging encapsulate the essence of Coach Open Road, reflecting its adventurous spirit through exquisite attention to detail.

Let Coach’s Open Road be your scented companion as you embrace new horizons, forge lasting friendships, and create unforgettable experiences on your very own open road, wherever it might be and wherever it may take you. 

Open Road is available now at MYER for $106 – $142.