Brad Pitt Redefines Cool In Sony’s ‘Bullet Train’

The best film of 2022 is now available to watch at home...

Brad Pitt Redefines Cool In Sony’s ‘Bullet Train’

The following article was produced in partnership with Bullet Train.

The iconic hip-hop duo OutKast wisely once said that the only thing cooler than being cool is “ice cold”. But we’d argue that Brad Pitt could give ‘ice cold’ a run for its money thanks to his latest film, Bullet Train, which has also just arrived at its destination – your living room, and you can watch it at home!

Pitt – the magnetic actor known for his blond locks, rugged good looks and down-to-earth charm – plays an unlucky assassin named Ladybug in the action-packed comedy, which is an absolute must-watch. Why? Well, first of all, the plot of Bullet Train is extremely compelling.

The film follows Pitt’s character, who after taking some time off to self-reflect, is tasked with a simple mission for his first job back: aboard a bullet train headed for Kyoto, locate a silver briefcase, and steal it.

Sounds like a relatively uncomplicated objective, right? Wrong. Ladybug soon discovers that he’s not the only assassin travelling on the world’s fastest train. In fact, each deadly adversary seems to have their own mission – that’s inexplicably connected to Ladybug’s – to complete. And this mystery at the heart of Bullet Train is incredibly intriguing…

Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in one of the many electrifying fight scenes…

Additionally, the film is just delightful to watch, literally. You could put Bullet Train on mute – which we do NOT recommend because then you’d miss the hysterically funny dialogue – and be thoroughly mesmerised by the stunning cinematography, the beautifully bright and colourful graphics, and the innovative, perfectly choreographed, blood-soaked fight scenes.

Bullet Train also features Pitt’s best performance to date. The 58-year-old actor kicks some serious ass while staying calm and collected – a hilarious combination. Not to mention, Pitt rocks a seriously cool but casual look throughout the film: matching green pants and jacket, a classic white tee and, the pièce de résistance, a bucket hat.

Don’t be surprised when everyone starts sporting a similar outfit because honestly, Pitt’s (or should we say Ladybug’s?) getup is seriously refreshing. Most assassins in film wear suits and ties; this is a nice change of pace.

Talk about a fashion icon!

Of course, all members of the star-studded cast give their absolute all in Bullet Train, not just Pitt. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry have phenomenal chemistry as “twins” while Joey King’s performance is enjoyably nuanced.

Benito A Martínez Ocasio (a.k.a. Bad Bunny), Logan Lerman and Zazie Beetz captivate viewers whenever they’re onscreen while Andrew Koji and Hiroyuki Sanada – whose characters’ are stoic and somewhat serious compared to all others in the film – perfectly ground Bullet Train; an otherwise playful and exuberant film. Oh, and Michael Shannon is, as always, iconic.   

Whether you consider yourself a cinephile or just love the action-comedy genre, adding Bullet Train to your film collection at home is essential. Honestly, a night staying in watching TV can easily be transformed from mundane to wickedly thrilling if you’ve got Bullet Train and good ol’ Pitt gracing your screen.

The ride never stops. Bullet Train is now available to watch at home over and over again with early access, rent or buy on digital today.