Boost Your Golf Game With TAG Heuer’s Newest Smartwatch

"No need for a caddy."

Boost Your Golf Game With TAG Heuer’s Newest Smartwatch

The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition (ref. SBR8A81.EB0251).

The following article was produced in partnership with TAG Heuer.

Golf is experiencing an unprecedented boom in Australia right now. It’s not hard to see why, either: after years of being cooped up at home, Australians have found the fresh air and wide-open spaces of the golf course – plus its social and sporting virtues – particularly exciting.

Indeed, there’s never been a better time to get into golf than now in 2022. But at a time where Aussies across the country are working on their swings and religiously pouring over the stats of their last eighteen holes, what’s the best way to keep up and maximise your golf game?

Enter the new TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition: the latest and greatest incarnation of the world’s most popular luxury smartwatch that’s filled with golf-focused features that’ll make you the next Arnold Palmer.

Or, at least, as stylish as him…

You can customise your Connected Golf Edition with a number of exclusive, golf-inspired watch faces.

TAG Heuer has long been the undisputed leader in the golf luxury smartwatch sector, and their newest Connected continues that tradition of excellence. It’s based on the latest version of the Connected, the Calibre E4, which was introduced just months ago and features a whole suite of improvements, like a new guided workout feature as well as updates to its acclaimed running, cycling and swimming apps.

The Calibre E4 is already the ultimate fitness watch but the Golf Edition adds amazing golf features into the mix. For example, it can automatically detect golf swings to allow users to track their performance in the app without having to activate the function by hand, thanks to its accelerometer and gyroscope, so you don’t have to remember to track your drive.

On top of that, its Driving Range feature offers a ‘heat map’ for every hole, which shows where shots landed on previous rounds, which can help you pick the perfect club and route to each hole. No need for a caddy.

It can also track hazards and distances on 40,000 golf courses around the world, as well as show distances, club information, scores and hole numbers as you play in real-time. Oh yeah, and now the watch’s new 3D maps technology can generate a cool video you can share with your friends with the help of its iOS map. Perfect if you need to prove your doubting mates wrong about the quality of your form.

A rubberised crown, sleek mechanical pushers and a responsive touch screen make the Connected Golf Edition a breeze to use.
Pair up your Connected Golf Edition with the TAG Heuer Golf app for additional functionality.

Form follows function with the Connected Golf Edition: it’s easily distinguishable from the standard Connected thanks to its ceramic bezel which proclaims its golfing focus, its white and green colour-scheme as well as its cool dimpled strap, just like a golf ball. They’re nice touches that aren’t too on the nose.

These aesthetic touches aren’t just a gimmick though. That strap? It features an integrated magnetic golf ball marker. The bezel, instead of featuring a tachymetric scale or minute markers as you might see on other watches, has markers for 18 holes – an easy-to-read, ever-present scorecard. Great for forgetful putters like me…

There’s plenty of fitness trackers, smartwatches and golf watches on the market but it’s features like these that really make the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition stand out from the pack.

In essence, it’s the ultimate golf companion, both on and off the green. Good-looking, hard-working, easy to use and incredibly versatile, it’s the perfect watch for seasoned pros and green graduates alike.

Discover more about the TAG Heuer Connected Watch Calibre E4 Golf Edition at TAG Heuer’s online boutique here.