TINCUP – Unique American Whiskey Inspired By The Outdoors

"Unlike anything else on the market."

TINCUP – Unique American Whiskey Inspired By The Outdoors

The following article was produced in partnership with TINCUP Mountain Whiskey.

What are the first things that come to mind when someone says, ‘American whiskey’? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably think about big, bold bourbons being knocked back with cola in smoky downtown dive bars with a chugging electric guitar screaming away in the background.

But just as the United States is home to some of the biggest cities in the world, it’s also home to some of the purest and most natural landscapes on the planet – and it’s these beautiful surroundings that have helped create and shape TINCUP Mountain Whiskey, a whiskey created for the great outdoors and one of the most unique American whiskies to hit Australian shores.

TINCUP is inspired by, and owes its flavour to, the iconic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Its name honours Colorado’s mining pioneers and the tin cups from which they drank their whiskey – a time-honoured tradition you can take part in yourself with the bottle’s handy tin cup closure.

TINCUP is a blended whiskey unlike anything else on the market and appropriately, it doesn’t taste like anything else, either. It’s a blend of two American whiskeys: high rye bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, and Colorado single malt whiskey.

TINCUP whiskey mixed with ginger ale is the epitome of a perfect pairing.

Once blended, TINCUP is cut with Rocky Mountain water and aged for a minimum of four years in charred American white oak barrels, which blesses it with smooth and bold rye spice, cinnamon and caramel flavours and delightful aroma notes of citrus, pepper and ginger.

The result is a truly innovative whiskey that’s as pure as the great outdoors yet as refined as a Rocky Mountain diamond. TINCUP’s high rye content makes it more assertive and flavourful than ordinary bourbon whiskeys, but with the smoothness of a good single malt.

Whether you’re looking for something complex and sophisticated to drink neat (just as the rugged Colorado miners of yore would have) or a versatile whiskey to create your favourite cocktails with, TINCUP is an exciting and multifaceted whiskey that’s sure to impress even the most traditional American whiskey lovers… Or sceptics.

Whether you’re a mountain man who can’t get enough of the great outdoors or a city slicker looking for a new go-to whiskey, we can’t recommend giving it a try enough.

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