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Step Inside The Sleek & Villainous Black Swan Superyacht

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As far as superyachts go, this latest design from acclaimed vehicle designer Timur Bozca could well be the most ambitious one yet.

For starters, the sleek 10.2 metre black craft looks like a bullet from the future. Failing that, it could easily pass as Batman’s next amphibious craft if Batman were a billionaire. Oh wait.

Either way the Black Swan luxury superyacht sports all of the creature comforts one would expect from a top one percenter’s toy. There’s an entire beach club housed within the hull complete with a connecting swimming pool which flows all the way to the rear deck. For accommodation needs there are six luxury suites to accompany your guests. Getting there and leaving the yacht shouldn’t be an issue too as the Black Swan comes with its own helicopter landing pad.


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It won’t be sailing through icebergs anytime soon but rest assured the alluminium hull combined with reinforced steel and 23,172hp can help it get through the greatest oceans at up to 28 knots.

Hit up Bozca directly if you’ve been saving the pennies for the past twenty lifetimes to get this thing built.


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