Australian Bloke Selling Bubble-Wrapped Toyota LandCruiser For Big Money

"Time capsule condition."

Australian Bloke Selling Bubble-Wrapped Toyota LandCruiser For Big Money

Image: Carsales

A lot of car sellers online will talk big game about how mint condition their cars are… But this literally bubble-wrapped 2021 Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series for sale in Sydney is the real deal.

Australians love LandCruisers. Ask any bushie, farmer, tradie or off-road enthusiast and they’ll all agree that when the going gets tough, there’s no better vehicle for the job – and because they’re so prolific across the country, they’re not only easy to get parts for, but they’re a universally recognised symbol of good taste.

But there’s one LandCruisers Aussies love more than any other: the venerable 70 Series (J70), which has been in continuous production since 1984 and has barely changed since it was facelifted back in 2007. Boxy, bulletproof and still available with a nice big V8, it’s an absolute icon and you can find 70 Series all across the country.

Yet despite the fact that 70 Series are a dime a dozen, they’re still highly coveted, thanks to their winning combination of reliability, practicality and – let’s face it – cool factor. That’s especially true for the newer ones, as they’re effectively brand-new 40-year-old cars… But we bet you there’s no 70 Series in the country that’s in as good a nick as this one.

The cleanest LandCruiser ever. Image: Carsales

Specifically, it’s a dual-cab example of the 70th Anniversary Special Edition that was released in 2021, finished in jihadi-spec Sandy Taupe and without a tray. This special edition features unique badging both inside and out, as well as a heritage-style grille, blackened-out accessories and faux woodgrain interior.

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Available as either a wagon and as a single or dual-cab ute, all 70th Anniversary Special Edition 70 Series are powered by the fan favourite 4.5L turbo-diesel V8 making 151kW/430Nm and feature a five-speed manual gearbox, and part-time four-wheel drive system. In short, it’s proper.

This example only has 41kms on the clock, which is impressive enough, but as you can quite clearly see, it’s also been stored in an air-tight plastic bubble for maximum purity. Normally, you only see these sorts of bubbles used for concept cars or million-dollar supercars… So it’s funny to see it being used for a LandCruiser.

However, it’s not a completely bonkers idea. With rumours that Toyota will be wrapping up V8 production in the near future (indeed, the new more luxury-focused 300 Series isn’t available with a V8) as well as uncertainty about the 70 Series’ future itself, a rare limited edition like this – in very desirable spec – is only going to get more valuable.

WATCH how the 300 Series performs off-road below.

The fact this one is in complete time capsule condition as well is truly remarkable. It might be weird now, but in a few decades, we might be clamouring for this sort of thing.

The price, however, is pretty punchy: $139,000, almost double the original sticker price of $82,600. Good news though – the bubble comes with the car. Check it out on Carsales here.