American ‘Drift Mansion’ Is The Ultimate Redneck Revhead Airbnb

A rubber-burning, redneck paradise.

American ‘Drift Mansion’ Is The Ultimate Redneck Revhead Airbnb

Image: Little Talladega

Love racing and drifting cars but don’t love speeding fines? This outrageous Airbnb in the heart of America is the perfect getaway for those who live life in the fast lane.

Earlier this year, we wrote about the Thermal Club: a multi-million-dollar country club in California’s Coachella Valley designed with motoring enthusiasts in mind, which boasts sumptuous villas built right in the middle of over 5 miles of private racetrack, with massive garages and all sorts of luxurious perks like on-site mechanics and fuel bowsers.

Thermal Club is heaven on earth for anyone who loves cars – but it ain’t cheap. You need to build a $5 million USD home, plus stump up for a $6,000 per month membership fee on top of a $175,000 initiation fee. It’s well out of reach for the vast majority of revheads.

Thankfully, there’s a cheaper alternative – and you can just rent it out on Airbnb. It’s called Little Talledega in Pomona, Missouri (about 4 hour’s drive from either Kansas City or Memphis) and offers similar thrills for a fraction of the price, with a hefty dose of Americana to boot. It’s a bona fide drift mansion.

WATCH professional race car driver and drifter Nate Hamilton drift around Little Talladega below.

Unlike the Thermal Club, Little Talladega keeps things simple. It’s a very American McMansion (the likes of which would impress Ricky Bobby) surrounded by a 1/4 mile pavement track, which is very curvy to make drifting a breeze. There are multiple loops for maximum rubber burning, as well as a 1/8 mile flat dirt track if you wanna go off-road.

While you’re encouraged to bring your own whip, the drift mansion also offers a fleet of cars including drift cars, muscle cars and ATVs available for rent, ensuring no one misses out on the fun. (An extra cost applies if you bring your own vehicle, however.)

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Other amenities include a private golf course, tennis court, horse riding trails, arcade and even an indoor go-karting track, just in case the private racetrack wasn’t enough for you.

The party house in the middle of the racetrack at Little Talladega.

The 8700-square-foot Tuscan-style home is designed to house up to 20 guests. It’s got a huge kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining with double sinks, double ovens and double doors that open directly to the pool. A side door opens to the patio, with a view of the pond and the east side of the race track.

What’s particularly hilarious is that most of the beds in the property are race car beds (Kirk van Houten would approve). The bedrooms are unapologetically tacky, with beds shaped like classic pickup trucks, JDM drift icons or decked out in NASCAR-inspired bedsheets. One room even has a tyre for a side table.

How much does it cost, though? The minimum stay requirement is two nights with a starting price of $9,000 AUD, granting access to the entire mansion for up to 20 guests. All things considered, that’s really not too bad.

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The Dale Earnhardt-themed master bedroom.
The drive-in-themed basement bedroom.

If you can’t be bothered putting a big crew together, there are also invitational multi-day drift events held regularly at the drift mansion – so if you’ve got the ride and want to test your mettle, that’s another way you can get in on the fun.

Find out more about Little Talladega and book a stay here.