Sydney Driver Crashes Rented Lamborghini In Spectacular Fashion

"You can't park there, mate!"

Sydney Driver Crashes Rented Lamborghini In Spectacular Fashion

Image: CarExpert

It’s been barely a week and yet another Lamborghini has been destroyed in Sydney – this time, thanks to a driver’s lead foot.

Sydney is full of terrible drivers. Impatient, arrogant, unaware and unskilled, driving in The Harbour City can be an exceptionally frustrating experience. However, one driver’s recent (and incredibly expensive) bingle really takes the cake.

Last night, CCTV captured how the driver of a rented Lamborghini Huracán, after losing control of the expensive supercar, fishtailed off Parramatta Road in Concord into a car yard, smashing three cars at once and then wedging the Lambo on top of a parked Ford Falcon ute.

According to the police, the driver fled the scene before they arrived. Witnesses claim the driver told them he didn’t want to involve the police and said he and would deal with the hire company directly, 9 News reports.

WATCH this extreme Lamborghini crash below.

Thankfully, no-one was injured – but we’re almost impressed how the car managed to get wedged on top of the ute like that. Cue all the comedians saying “you can’t park there, mate”…

This extreme Lamborghini crash in Concord comes less than a week after another Huracán came to an untimely end in Sydney, the supercar being targeted in a highly suspicious arson attack that’s reportedly connected to organised crime.

Can Sydneysiders stop destroying Lambos for just one week, please?