Maserati’s Exciting New Grecale SUV Has Finally Arrived In Australia

"A car you really ought to test drive as a matter of urgency."

Maserati’s Exciting New Grecale SUV Has Finally Arrived In Australia

The following article was produced in partnership with Maserati.

For over a century, Maserati has been making some of the most exciting, luxurious and sporty cars in the world. From the elegant Mistral to the mental MC12, the Italian firm has made some truly legendary and innovative vehicles.

But few cars are as significant in the annals of Maserati’s long history as the much-anticipated new Grecale. Not only is the Grecale Maserati’s first-ever compact SUV, but it’s also the most high-tech and affordable model the Modena manufacturer has ever come up with.

Sporty, luxurious, fun and surprisingly practical, the Maserati Grecale is a modern Maserati for modern drivers – and a car you really ought to test drive as a matter of urgency.

What makes the Maserati Grecale so special?

As we mentioned earlier, the Grecale is Maserati’s first compact SUV and one of the smallest vehicles the brand has ever made. We know Maserati knows how to make a proper SUV: the overwhelming success of their first-ever SUV, the large but lithe Levante, proves this.

The name Grecale comes from the Mediterranean wind, Gregale – continuing Maserati’s tradition of naming cars after winds (think of the Mistral, Ghibli and Bora). Like those winds, the Grecale is a properly nippy beast.

Three models are available in Australia: the Grecale GT and Grecale Modena, which are powered by a 2.0L turbo-four a with 48-volt mild-hybrid system and make 221kW/450Nm and 242kW/450Nm respectively, and the range-topping Grecale Trofeo, which features the acclaimed ‘Nettuno’ 3.0L twin-turbo V6 (the same engine found in the MC20) which makes 390kW/620Nm.

The Grecale GT and Modena feature the perfect balance between performance and efficiency – perfect for the everyday aficionado – whereas the Trofeo is a mental Italian monster perfect for those who need some extra spice in their life. It might be a compact SUV but it drives better than most dedicated sports coupes or hatchbacks.

All models feature a cleverly-tuned all-wheel drive system to keep you planted even in the twistiest of roads (or even off the road), as well as advanced safety features including autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert and driver fatigue monitoring.

The Grecale’s lightweight construction, including a body mostly made out of aluminium and a prop shaft made in carbon fibre, contributes to its top-class power-to-weight ratio, acceleration, and speed. Four selectable drive modes (five in the Trofeo) let you craft the perfect balance between comfort, off-road performance and on-road dynamism.

Performance and luxury in equal measure

Maserati has always occupied a unique niche in the automotive industry: they’re unequivocally a performance car brand, but they’ve always had a much greater focus on luxury than many of their fellow Italian car makers. The Grecale continues that tradition. Yes, it looks amazing and drives even better than it looks, but it’s also exceptionally luxurious.

Not only is its interior sumptuously appointed, it features best-in-class interior roominess and rear legroom, for example. Premium materials abound, including natural leather, wood and carbon fibre – it feels like a proper exotic car, with that glossy trident badge on the steering wheel reminding you you’re driving something special. The classic Maserati dash clock makes a return, too – although this time, it’s a configurable smart clock.

Boasting over 33’’ of display surfaces, the Grecale has one of the best infotainment systems in the biz, contributing to its luxury status. Pride of place is a unique angled split-screen design that separates comfort controls from other driver features – so you focus on driving instead of messing around with hard-to-understand menus. Its 12.3’’ TFT digital gauge cluster is another highlight, designed to ensure full visibility in any condition and for any driver.

Configurable gauge clusters and infotainment screens are great, but what if you really want to make your Maserati one of a kind? Australians can also take advantage of Fuoriserie, Maserati’s distinctive personalization program, to turn your Grecale into a rolling piece of art. With hundreds of options and possibilities, there are few compact SUVs on the market that offer this level of personalization and luxury – or cars, full stop.

Indeed, there’s really no other car in Australia right now like the Grecale. Small yet potent, fire-breathing yet practical and luxurious, it’s a pretty exciting proposition. In short, you’ve really got to drive one for yourself – and thankfully, test drive applications are open now, so you can do just that.

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