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Watch The Isle Of Man TT Record Get Smashed In A Hair Raising Ride

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is renowned as one of the world’s most deadly races on two wheels. The competition has claimed countless lives over the years including two this year alone, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s bravest riders from converging on this annual event.

Forging his name in the history books this year is Irish rider Michael Dunlop who averaged 214km/h throughout the 60km course in a blistering sub-17-minute lap time. According to most TT riders and spectators, that lap time is astonishing on all accounts (besides the whole record thing).

Watch the full video of Dunlop wrangling his Hawk Racing BMW Superbike through the undulating turns, dips and blind crests as he fights to keep both wheels on the ground without straying too close to the hazards and curbs, or worse, someone’s front yard.

Being the fastest at all costs. This is what the Isle of Man is all about.


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