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Take A Wild 360 Degree Ride With Top Gear’s The Stig In An Ariel Nomad

It may seem like another typical 360 degree video captured atop a moving car but you’d be very wrong. For starters, the vehicle isn’t any normal car and secondly, the driver is far from human.

This is the new Top Gear and this is The Stig taking viewers on a hot lap in an Ariel Nomad – the off-road brethren of the fire breathing Ariel Atom open-wheeler road car.

Watch on as The Stig wrangles the lightweight machine through the corners with surgical-like precision and lightening quick footwork. The car itself is powered by a 235hp Honda engine mounted behind the driver to deliver true buggy-style performance.

Watch the video long enough and we’re sure you’ll be tilting your head with The Stig as he power slides and drifts through corners. It’s the closest thing to virtual reality driving without a cumbersome virtual reality headset.


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