Look Good, Do Better: Costa’s Sustainable Sunglass Revolution


Look Good, Do Better: Costa’s Sustainable Sunglass Revolution

The following article was produced in partnership with Sunglass Hut.

In the hotly contested world of premium eyewear, one brand stands tall in its commitment to both style and sustainability.

Founded in 1983 by a group of hardcore fishermen, Costa has come a long way in revolutionising sunglasses for those who live to be in, on, and around the water. In a journey that started with a simple but startling realisation — that their sunglasses should keep up with their extreme adventures — Costa’s founders took things into their own hands, determined to see the world with the clarity we all deserve. 

Since then, the brand has remained steadfast in its mission: to create the best sunglasses on the planet for life’s biggest adventures. While their success is thanks in part to their patented eyewear technology — which sets their lenses and frames far apart from the rest — their deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility is what takes the brand above and beyond being a straightforward manufacturer of premium sunglasses; they have become torchbearers for a new kind of brand that not only want to make a difference, but set an entirely new standard for their industry. 

In this regard, there are a lot of brands that talk the talk, but very few that can walk the walk. Costa is one of those very special few, as evidenced by the slew of environmental initiatives that the brand has undertaken in recent years, all in the name of sustainability. One of the most notable is the #OneCoast charity campaign, through which Costa raises funds for the Red Cross hurricane relief program, offering support to victims of natural disasters. It’s a testament to their dedication to helping those in need and making a tangible positive impact in the face of terrible adversity.

Similarly remarkable is Costa’s partnership with OCEARCH, a non-governmental organisation focused on the protection of ocean wildlife. This collaboration, known as Costa+OCEARCH, aims to raise funds and awareness for OCEARCH’s expeditions, which play a vital role in gathering critical data to save sharks and preserve the oceans we all love. By protecting sharks — apex predators that help maintain the balance of marine ecosystems — Costa is taking crucial but all too often overlooked steps towards safeguarding our oceans for generations to come. 

In 2018, Costa introduced their Untangled Collection as part of a partnership with Bureo, an organisation that tackles the ongoing and overwhelming issue of plastic waste in our oceans. By collecting discarded fishing nets and transforming them into plastic pellets, Bureo helped Costa to craft premium frames that are made from over 97% recycled fish nets. This innovative approach not only reduces plastic pollution but also demonstrates the brand’s commitment to finding creative solutions to environmental challenges that can also elevate their endlessly brilliant collections. 

And somehow, this doesn’t even come close to representing the full extent of their anti-plastic initiatives: to date, Costa has recycled a staggering 20,000kgs of lenses from their global headquarters as well as three million plastic bottles. On top of all of this, Costa and its team take part in beach cleanups around the world, removing over 80,000kgs of trash from our shorelines — an immense feat for any organisation, let alone an eyewear brand. In fact, it’s all too easy to forget that it’s cutting-edge eyewear that is Costa’s true speciality.

But to forget that would be a mistake: with decades of heritage in producing forward-thinking, technology-driven, and enviably stylish eyewear behind them, Costa’s latest style is the cherry on top: just like the iconic California point break they draw their name from, the Rincon Fade embody the spirit of the West Coast. With a timeless straight bridge, sleek style lines, and bold curved temples, they exude a sense of effortless cool. Crafted using Costa’s innovative castor plant bio-based resin, the Rincon boasts a big frame, sharp angles and lenses with exceptional glare and UV resistance. 

In short, Costa’s sustainability mission is not just about being more environmentally conscious; it’s about empowering people to make a difference. By choosing Costa sunglasses, you become part of a movement that champions style, performance, and sustainability. As Costa continues to shape the future of eyewear, the brand continues to seamlessly merge style and sustainability, inspiring others to embrace genuinely conscious consumerism. 

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