Tom Dixon Unveils A One-Of-A-Kind Moto Guzzi Motorcycle

"The love of motorcycles has never abated, and when I had the opportunity to visit the [Moto Guzzi] factory... I managed to convince them to let me tinker with one."

We’ve already gone public with our love for Tom Dixon’s homewares and shoe collabs. The British designer is now winning over our speed-seeking side with Tomoto, a custom Moto Guzzi bike that debuted at Design Week in Milan.

Dixon has been a proud Moto Guzzi owner for 27 years. In fact, he credits his designing career to a passion for fixing motorcycles. To honour the debt he owes the brand, as well as the 50th anniversary of the V7, Dixon created this exclusive model.

“The love of motorcycles has never abated,” Dixon told Dezeen, “and when I had the opportunity to visit the [Moto Guzzi] factory, which is an amazing document of 1920s manufacturing – it’s still made in the same factory, just 20 minutes away in the hills above Lake Como – I managed to convince them to let me tinker with one.”

The resulting experiment was created in collaboration with renowned customiser Stefano Venier. Tomoto features eye-catching geometric rims made from untreated aluminium using digital punching technology. The same aluminium forms the petrol tank, which has “Guzzi” and “Tomoto” splashed across it in dripping pink paint.

For the tires, which are bespoke, Dixon sought out another collaboration with a brand he calls “another fantasy firm, an Italian classic.” That would be the legendary Milan-based manufacturer Pirelli, with whom Dixon developed a variety of tread patterns.

The finishing touch on this art-meets-industrial-design concept is the Fin, a Tom Dixon lamp that takes the place of the motorcycle’s headlight.

Moto Guzzi presented Tomoto in Dixon’s Multiplex exhibition at Design Week, where he also showcased a sofa for Ikea and several new lighting designs. Sadly for fans, the motorcycle is just a prototype with no plans for mass production.