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This Is A Bar Where You Can Down A Pint While You Pump Iron

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There is no God. Unless you love a good bourbon whilst pumping iron. In which case there is a God and his name is Erich Züger, a disheartened former banker-turned-gym-junkie.

His brand new concept is Balboa Gym & Bar situated in Zurich which combines a slick gym with an even more polished bar. Züger dreamt up the idea three years ago when he embarked on a fitness brand that would merge personalised fitness training with a community of like-minded alcoholic beefcakes people.

The new Balboa Gym & Bar features an ultra modern space decked out in raw concrete, industrial steel and wood that’ll make any protein-wielding man blush with envy. Inside there’s dedicated training rooms for weight lifting, crossfit and showers whilst the upper level houses an expansive bar and cafe which stocks snacks and alcohol. Patrons can even peer down at those in the training room from netted openings on the top level, a design feature which creates a visual connection between the spaces.

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Elsewhere there’s a cool breakout room which flows onto an outdoor balcony to ensure gym members can experience their protein and pint in a totally relaxed environment amongst friends. Once patrons are done throwing up their said protein and beer concoction, they can head straight over to a concept store which sells fitness equipment, books and skateboards.

The audacious project was headed by architecture studio Helsinkizurich and if you’re wondering what on Earth would motivate a fitness freak into serving alcohol at a gym, then wonder no more.

Züger says that it’s a good opportunity to allow different aspects of urban life to collide and to see what new experiences can come from such an unconventional exchange. Either way members are sure to be smashed one way or another after a session.

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