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Show Off Your Alcohol Collection Without Looking Like You Have A Drinking Problem

Interior design, meet Whisky, Wine & Beer.

Booze, grog, firewater, whatever you call it, we all like to have a tipple at home every now and then. From cheeky shots with the boys, to wine and cheese night with your other half, a stylish mini home bar is the perfect place to do it.

Whether you’re working with a large or small space, presentation is everything. While not as important as your crown jewels, your alcohol collection should be a jewel of your pad.

With that said, we’re bringing you some ridiculously cool ways to style your alcohol collection at home. Guests will shower you with accolades for it later.


The Traditional Bar Cart

Don’t display every last cheap bottle of wine and long neck you own

Less is more here. Don’t display every last cheap bottle of wine and long neck you own, or you’ll reek of desperation (and beer). Choose your most frequented bottles and your prized bottles of expensive booze that are too fancy to drink.

Think like a tightrope walker and focus on balance. For example, display one bottle of each spirit – vodka, whisky, rum and gin are just a few. Place smaller bottles towards the front of your bar cart so they don’t get overlooked.

Most carts come with spacious compartments that run from the floor to the shelf. Use this space to show off your best tumblers, steins and shot glasses, or hang your wine glasses and arrange bar accessories neatly.

If you’re a cocktail king, a mixology or cocktail book is a good addition to the bar, and won’t take up a lot of room. It encourages interactivity with guests and adds an element of fun to Saturday night soirees.

Go for a gold cart to really trick out your bar area, or a rustic wooden variety if that’s more your style

Get Suave With A Side Table Bar

You should have one of these lying around

A side table is a simple alternative to a bar cart, and most of us already have a suitable table begging to ditch the lamp and house your hooch. Group your bottles and supplies around a central feature – such as an ice bucket – to create an ordered look, rather than a thrown-together mess. Keep glassware to a minimum and stick with the essentials to avoid clutter.

Repurpose A Bookcase Into A Bar

Take a hike, poindexter

Forget about bookworms and think tequila worms – it’s time to transform your lonely bookshelf into a bar. Alternate the shelf height to fit everything from your tallest stemware to your tiniest mini bottles of liqueur. This look will work even better if your shelf is made of metal and painted black with wire framing, but wood is also fine.

Create A Centrepiece With A Floating Shelf Bar

Fly, my pretties

If floor space is scarce, consider a floating bar and mount your collection on the wall above ground (not so high that you can’t reach anything). Paint the shelf, or shelves, in a colour that suits the room to help define the space whilst enhancing your cool kid points.


Keep It Tight With A Tray Table Bar

Small yet effective

Tray tables are great for more than just enjoying your TV dinners, they can also be transformed into a ridiculously cool DIY mini bar. Try a table with wheels so you can move it around or keep out of the way. See the previous points for tips on arrangement, and always remember to keep it neat and ordered so that you don’t look like a tightarse who can’t afford a proper table.

Lay It All Out With A Slab Table Bar

Go big or…stay home

For larger liquor collections, a side table may not cut it. Opt for a larger slab table instead to give your booze the room it deserves to shine. This option is particularly pleasing when incorporated into a more rustic pad.

Resurrect Old Cabinets & Antique Desks

Use a bit of elbow grease to revive the old

Refurbish that old wooden cabinet you were planning to throw out at the next council cleanup and give it a coat of pain or varnish. It’ll be a standout feature of the house quicker than you can say, ‘skol!’

Conceal & Protect With Liquor Drawers

Keep your goods in order

Liquor drawers are great for gents with kids or pets roaming around. They also keep bottles dust-free and pristine for your next occasion. Glass drawer options are also available, meaning your collection is safely stored and stylishly displayed.

Enter The Closet Bar

Your own secret garden

If you have one of those awkward closets under the stairs or in the kitchen that you only use for storage, then you have a home bar. Remove the door, add shelving and even hang a piece of art you love to create the ultimate alcohol nook. Shhh…It can be your little secret.


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