Billion-Dollar 980ft ‘Nuke-Powered’ Superyacht Is A Supervillain’s Dream

Sustainable and sinister in equal measure, this massive new nuclear-powered vessel could hit oceans as soon as 2025.

Billion-Dollar 980ft ‘Nuke-Powered’ Superyacht Is A Supervillain’s Dream

Image: Leisure Opportunities

Everyone who’s anyone has a massive superyacht at their disposal: from Jeff Bezos’s brand-new $700 million vessel to Putin’s gold-plated gargantuan, but this brand new vessel that is set to dwarf every iteration that’s come before it has an altogether different air about it.

Boasting a ‘floating sphere’ design and combining ‘science with luxury’, this massive new vessel could make its maiden voyage in 2025 after years spent on the drawing board and then in extensive testing. The Earth 300, which boasts 13 floors and 22 internal laboratories, could play home to 160 scientists as part of sustainable sea exploration adventures.

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What Is Earth 300 For?

Loaded with every gadget and gizmo they could ever need, the vessel will help scientists study and (hopefully) fix a whole host of issues including planetary climate change and global pollution. According to design firm Iddes Yachts, the vessel has a lofty future addressing ‘Earth’s greatest challenges’ ahead of it…

“We love life and want to ensure that humanity survives the future… It’s why we are representing tomorrow by setting aside berths for some of the world’s most promising young students. We want to inspire and empower the next generation of global leaders to step up and help lead us into the future.”

Iddes Yachts Spokesperson

Given its raison d’etre, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that the yacht is incredibly eco-friendly, with a Molten Salt Reactor — a cutting-edge nuclear reactor that uses salt as its primary fuel source — fitted inside the vessel, making it 100% emission-free and capable of being at sea for 300 days per year.

Image: Wikipedia

What’s Inside Earth 300?

What makes this feat all the more impressive is that the yacht is absolutely huge, coming in at 980 feet long and over 200 feet high. Divided into four distinct sections, it is comprised of an observational deck, a main superstructure, a large sphere that houses all the scientific work, and then a separate space with accommodations, living space and dining areas.

The vowels of this ship boast a “self-sufficient city” in their depths, with enough space available for a fleet of boats and underwater vehicles so that exploration can take place far beyond the bounds of the ship, aided by the 165 crew and 20 students that will travel alongside the 160 scientists.

Excitingly, 40 lucky VIPs will also have the chance to travel inside one of the yacht’s 20 luxury cabins… no doubt for the price of a pretty penny, especially when you consider that the whole yacht cost a massive £500 million to build, equating to around A$938 million at time of writing.

Whether you think this is a new frontier for scientific research or a Bond villain’s new holiday home just waiting to be robbed, we could see the boat hit waters in early 2025, so watch this space…