Nick Jonas Reveals The Secret To Matching Your Sweater With Sneakers

Matchy makes perfect.

You’d think rocking a sweater would be a straight forward affair. Technically you’d be wrong.

The fashion rulebook dictates that one way to do this well is to match it with your sneakers. Now we don’t mean wearing clown shoes if you’re rocking tie dye up top (why are you even wearing tie dye?), but more so if the sweater motif features a striking primary colour, work that into your footwear for a very casual-cool look.

It simply works in the attention-grabbing department without going completely verging into hypebeast territory.

A good example of the sweater-sneaker match is Nick Jonas who paired his black sweater with a bright red rose motif with red slip-ons when he was spotted at a restaurant in California.

Eyes are focused on two areas: His torso and his feet. The rest is sported with tapered black chinos, a matching black watch and black fanny pack not worn around the waist like Dwayne Johnson.

If you need more evidence of this look at work, take a look through the gallery where we’ve included Michael B. Jordan as a great example of a sweater-sneaker-colour combo where white us used.

As John Connor once said, “easy money”.

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