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12 Best Tennis Racquet Brands To Smash Some Aces

Serve up some aces with the best tennis racquets around.

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As with any sport, the better the equipment you have, the better chance you have of winning, and that’s certainly true of the best tennis racquets.

Capable of doing more than just hitting the ball to the other side of the net, tennis racquets have become far more personable, as they accentuate a player’s individual playstyle. And, with a special blend of stable construction and durable performance, it means now more than ever, that picking the best tennis racquet for you will give you an advantage on the court.

How to choose the best tennis racquet for your game

Choosing the right tennis racquet can depend on your personal play style and individual skill level. You need to take into account head and grip size, as well as what kind of output you are looking for; stronger power? More topspin?

Beginners and casual players would be better going with a tennis racquet that has a larger head size, meaning you will make consistent contact with the ball. While advanced players can go for a smaller grip size that will give them more overall control. 

Difference between a cheap and expensive tennis racquet

The biggest thing to know when shopping is how to spot the differences in the construction of tennis racquets. A cheaper tennis racquet tends to be made out of plastic or at the most, fibreglass. An expensive racquet has a higher price because it contains expensive materials such as graphite, titanium, and carbon fibre. How a tennis racquet is made is how it will play, so the stronger the materials, the better it plays.