Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is an Australian Formula One driver who currently races for McLaren alongside British driver Lando Norris. Nicknamed 'The Honey Badger', referencing the contrast between his affable nature off-track and his ferocious attitude while racing, Ricciardo has become one of the most popular drivers in Formula One history.

Being a racing driver, Daniel needs to ensure his mental focus is as sharp as ever, and he does this through a series of reaction workouts and full-body workouts to keep his mind and body in racing fit shape.

Of course, his job means he gets paid a comfortable sum every year, which he puts towards designer clothing, luxury cars (such as his very own McLaren) and tasteful watches, such as Patek Philippes and Richard Milles.

Ricciardo likes to keep his personal life under wraps, but he's rumoured to be dating Heidi Berger, the daughter of Austrian Formula One driver Gerhard Berger. His various contracts and business deals have generated him a net worth of around $50 million.

Vitals: Age: 32 - Height: 1.8m - Weight: 64kg - DOB: 1 July 1989 - Origin: Perth, Western Australia

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