Daniel Ricciardo’s First Visa Cash App Red Bull Watch Is A $7,000 Tudor

Daniel Ricciardo could quickly see the benefits of the Tudor partnership with his latest piece added to collection.

Daniel Ricciardo’s First Visa Cash App Red Bull Watch Is A $7,000 Tudor

During the recent livery launch event of the new Visa Cash App Red Bull car in Las Vegas, watch enthusiasts eagerly awaited confirmation of the new Tudor partnership and what piece they’d be giving Australian star Daniel Ricciardo driver… and we were all pleasantly surprised.

Formula 1’s biggest watch guy Daniel Ricciardo is back on the grid for the new 2024 season, joining the newly named Visa Cash App Red Bull on a full-time basis alongside Yuki Tsunoda.

Following the announcement that Tudor would also be joining Formula 1 as the official partner of Visa Cash App Red Bull, or VCARB, watch fans were left to wonder which one of Tudor’s popular timepieces would find a place within Ricciardo’s already impressive collection.

As the sister brand to the iconic Swiss luxury watchmaker Rolex, it seemed rather poignant that Tudor would align with VCARB for the new season. Both brands have incredibly successful partner teams; both brands would love to step out of their shadows.

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During the livery launch event in Las Vegas, VCARB’s drivers were joined by Laurent Mekies, Team Principal of Visa Cash App RB, and the team’s CEO Peter Bayer, as F1 fans eagerly waited to see what Ricciardo’s car would be for the new season.

Of course, some fans were there to watch international best-selling artist Kendrick Lamar, whilst others (us), wanted to see what was on Danny’s wrist.

In the official photoshoot released this week, the Australian speedster was spotted rocking Tudor’s Black Bay Ceramic with a black dial first launched in 2021. The BB Ceramic was the brand’s first foray into ceramic materials, a sleek and robust modern material that offers exceptional durability and scratch resistance; the perfect instrument for a Formula 1 driver then.

But it was the VCARB’s other piece, a yet-to-be-released Tudor, that sent watch fans into an expected frenzy…

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With an unmistakable bright blue dial, Ricciardo’s Tudor matches the new colourway of his Formula 1 team after rebranding from AlphaTauri after last season. Whilst we’ve never seen this piece, it’s likely a rework of the Black Bay Ceramic with a new dial and matching leather strap.

Now, you can’t actually configure this piece on Tudor’s online boutique… we checked. But it could signal that Tudor has taken the opportunity to drip one of the sport’s biggest watch collectors with a unique piece to celebrate the new partnership.