Air France Unveils World’s Biggest First Class Cabin With 5-Window ‘La Premiere’ Overhaul

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Air France Unveils World’s Biggest First Class Cabin With 5-Window ‘La Premiere’ Overhaul

Image: Abroad With Ash

Air France’s new ‘La Premiere’ first-class cabin, debuting in 2024, promises unparalleled luxury with fully private modular seats and advanced in-seat technology.

While there may be a small army of airlines tearing out their apparently ‘pointless’ first-class cabins, some carriers have decided to double down on their pointy end offer. Now, a newly upgraded product revealed by Air France may challenge Air Japan’s recent tech-packed for the position of best first class cabin going, especially thanks to its vast size…

It’s almost two years since Air France got the aviation world talking by announcing an industry-leading first class product. While details were initially sparse, anticipation has slowly but surely been building and we are now under a year from its expected service debut. Last week, Air France dropped more hints about this luxurious overhaul, taking the buzz among frequent flyers and luxury travel enthusiasts alike to unprecedented new levels…

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A Glimpse Into Air France’s Future

The new first class — aptly named “La Premiere” — could be a genuine game-changer in the world of premium travel. Set to be the longest cabin in the world of commercial travel, each passenger will enjoy the comfort of five windows, offering pretty much unrivalled views and space. Privacy is also a key feature, with the new seats enclosed by floor-to-ceiling walls, a significant upgrade from the current curtain setup used on select Boeing 777-300ERs.

A screenshot taken from Air France's recent investor day presentation
A screenshot taken from Air France’s recent investor day presentation, hinting at what’s to come for first-class. Image: Air France-KLM

Air France is also pushing the boundaries with a modular seat design that includes three distinct living spaces: a seat, a chaise lounge, and a flatbed. This setup allows passengers to tailor their experience to their needs, whether they wish to relax, work, or sleep. The cabin also boasts some pretty advanced technology with two video screens and a wireless tablet for controlling seat functions.

Air France's current 'La Premiere' first class cabin.
Air France’s current ‘La Premiere’ first-class cabin is great, but there’s room for improvement. Image: One Mile At A Time

Exclusive Comfort, Expanded Reach

One of the most exciting aspects of the new La Premiere is its exclusivity. The cabin will consist of just three seats arranged in a 1-1-1 configuration, making it one of the most intimate first class experiences going. However, Air France decidedly isn’t the first to the punch in this regard, with other carriers like Emirates and Japan Airlines also adopting layouts that put passenger space and privacy first.

Emirate's A380 first class seat.
Emirate’s A380 first-class seats were once the gold standard; is that about to change? Image: Emirates

From a customer service perspective, maintaining high levels of personalised attention with such a small cabin will present both a challenge and an opportunity for Air France. Ben Schallpig from One Mile At A Time reckons that the airline is likely to deploy two flight attendants for first class, ensuring that each passenger receives very close attention. This could lead to a genuinely world-class experience for passengers, but it won’t come cheap for the airline.

Looking ahead, Air France plans to extend its first class offering to more aircraft, specifically into its substantial Airbus A350 fleet. This expansion is a promising development for committed luxury travellers, as increased availability will level-up the overall appeal of Air France’s premium service.

Qantas' A380 first class seats.
Qantas’ A380 first class seats are the best premium offer coming out of Australia, but how will they compare to Air France? Image: Qantas

Not Long Now

This revolutionary first class cabin could redefine luxury air travel, offering a blend of exclusivity, advanced technology, and unmatched comfort that will see it rival the best in terms of quality and scale. Will Air Frane’s new footprint see it become synonymous with pointy-end pleasures, or do they have a way to go? TIme, as they say, will tell.