Airbus Unveils 'Day & Night' First Class Suite Complete With A Spooning Bed

Welcome to your flying studio apartment.

Airbus Unveils 'Day & Night' First Class Suite Complete With A Spooning Bed

Business class seats often receive much of the fanfare and hype in commercial flying so to make things right again, Airbus revealed a concept for a new standard of First Class in their A350 and A380 aircraft.

Welcome to Day & Night First Class. The luxury cabin designed by Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) features two separate spaces to replicate how a passengers would play out their day back home. A “day” living zone is made up of a premium seat, a dining and working table and a personal screen. There’s also an adjustable partition which allows the enclosure to be shared with a partner.

The “night” living zone meanwhile is reserved for quiet time. The space is noise-insulated and features a full-height enclosed suite with a comfortable two metre long bed – yes, an actual bed – and individual storage alongside a personal In Flight Entertainment screen.

The bold concept is made up of several suites with up to 3.4 square metres of personal space on board. That puts it on par with the standard First Class real estate in the current market, albeit with a full sized bed.

The goal of such a design is to allow passengers the ability to work, rest and entertain in different zones whilst also providing the option to travel alone or with a partner. Whilst no pricing details have been released, Airbus did confirm via their site that the product is currently under development with the prospect of suite delivery happening between 18 and 24 months pending an airline’s complex requirements.

Until then ballers will just have to settle for standard old Business Class.

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