Inside The Alfa Romeo Museum

Inside The Alfa Romeo Museum

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History. Romance. Passion. These are the three words that make up over 100 years of Alfa Romeo heritage hidden within Milan’s Museo Storico Alfa Romeo.

The idea behind the Alfa Romeo Museum is more than just an exhibition of hundreds of models though; it’s a detailed look at the illustrious history through the Italian marque’s victories, tragedies and cars that have carried them into the present.

Having first opened its doors in the fall of 1976, its curator Lorenzo Ardizio says that the museum is about telling a romance story with different chapters across six levels of the world’s most exotic metal.

“When you finish on the last page, you are in the last room and it’s a showcase of the future of Alfa Romeo. Not the end of the story,” says Vitza.

To successfully portray such a celebrated and extensive timeline, the Alfa Romeo Museum is curated to mirror the brand in three distinct chapters.

Chapter 1 is dedicated to the art of Alfa Romeo production – a showcase of the models you can buy and drive from 1910 until the present day.

Chapter 2 is dedicated to ‘Bellezza’, the Italian word for beauty, which is left in its native tongue to accentuate the Italian way of car design, aesthetics and driving.

Chapter 3 is dedicated to the sensation of speed. Velocita, as the Italians call it, pays homage to the rich motorsport history of Alfa Romeo which dates back to 1913 with their first ever race car. 

The Giulia badge is considered a milestone in Alfa Romeo history and as such, it receives two standalone exhibits in the museum.

From the Giulia’s place in the bigger Alfa Romeo timeline to the model variations of the Giulia family which extend to 60s police cars, the exhibits trace the celebrated model right up until the version unleashed in 2016 – the world’s fastest four-door sedan.

Such a sensation cannot be replicated. It has to be derived from a century of innovation and when a driver buys an Alfa Romeo, they are buying into an experience like no other.

Beauty, passion and a special piece of Italy are what make an Alfa Romeo.

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Photographed exclusively for D’Marge by Rosario Liberti – No reproduction without written permission.