Amazon Prime Announces Game-Changer: Live-Action Fallout Series to Hit Screens in 2024

Amazon Prime Announces Game-Changer: Live-Action Fallout Series to Hit Screens in 2024

Image: Bethesda

Fans of Bethesda’s critically acclaimed video game series Fallout have had to bide their sweet time whilst other titles such as The Last of Us and Twister Metal have all had their moment in the sun, but now with fresh news coming from streaming giants Amazon Prime, the iconic franchise could finally be emerging from Vault 33.

It’s been quite the trend in recent years of video games finding their way out of the confines of your little brother’s bedroom and into the big time of mainstream entertainment.

Fans who would never spend their evenings with Joel and Elle fighting off the oncoming zombie horde in The Last of Us are more than happy to settle down on a Friday evening with Pedro Pascal on his latest post-apocalyptic adventure.

And not just on streaming services, but on the big screen too. Dungeons & Dragons and Super Mario Bros; two of the biggest films of the year were both adapted from the gaming space – albeit from two of the largest and dedicated fandoms of all time.

But there certainly seems to be value in a dramatisation of some of the world’s biggest games and could represent a previously untapped market for studios.

From celebrated game studio Bethesda came Fallout, one of the most critically acclaimed series in history. Set during the fallout of nuclear war, Fallout explores a post-apocalyptic America attempting to rebuild, where pockets of the toxic, barren wasteland are dominated by bandits, military and those just trying to survive.

Fallout has been teased since 2020, but until now, neither Bethesda nor Amazon, have released any new information surrounding its release. But a recent post to Amazon Prime’s X – formerly Twitter – could give us some indication of the direction this iconic franchise will take.

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To what extent the live-action remake will follow the game’s original storyline remains unclear – although, considering that the initial Fallout game took place in Los Angeles, this detail might offer a hint of how the adaptation might come to life.

WATCH Fallout 3 trailer below.

It appears Vault Boy will return in the live-action remake; the affable mascot of Vault-Tec, the enigmatic corporation that built the vaults your character inhabits at the start of the game, is a constant throughout the Fallout series.

This could also suggest that the Vault Dweller’s Pip-Boy will feature in the adaptation since Vault Boy visually represented the user’s skills and inventory as they ventured through the wasteland.

Beyond that, details are seemingly under wraps. But as the fallout of this announcement settles, members of this loyal fandom will be waiting with suspended breath, eagerly anticipating how this beloved saga will re-emerge in the live-action realm.