What Americans Find Bizarre About Australia

"Fairy bread. Why?"

What Americans Find Bizarre About Australia

While they may have a lot in common, American and Australia also have a lot of differences. Here’s what Americans find truly bizarre about the Land Down Under…

Australia may be known worldwide for sights like the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and the Hemsworth brothers, but Australia is also home to some weird customs and traditions that Americans find simply bizarre.

In fact, many Yanks chimed in after a Reddit thread posed the question, “what do you think is weird about Australia and Australians?”.

One American who currently plans to move to Australia started by saying, “[I] love love love your country,” but then continued to list many things she finds odd about the land down under.

“The archaic speeds of your internet system… The shortening of so many words; brekkie for breakfast, as an example… The fact that everything is expensive… WTF METRIC SYSTEM,”

Reddit user MorbidlyMacabre

One Reddit user had the gall to insult the national treasure that is fairy bread: “Fairy bread. Why?”

Of course, the Aussies instantly replied to this particular comment with remarks like, “Um because it’s f**king amazing? Have you had it?”, “Because it’s legendary, that’s why,” and “Listen mate, you can mock my country, my flag, my accent and my people but don’t you dare talk s**t about fairy bread.”

Fairy bread, for those not in the know. Image: Delicious

Another American confessed that the lack of shirts and shoes worn by Aussies while at shopping centres was weird – but “freeing”.

“As an American living in Aus, it’s really strange seeing people in the shopping centres with no shirts or shoes. Though I do find it freeing doing it myself.”

Reddit user ptolemy11

And finally, Reddit user ThereW0LF simply gave us this awesome The Simpsons reference.

“I don’t know much about Australia. I just know I have played knifey-spooney before.”

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