Aston Martin DB5 For Sale In Australia…For $1,650,000

Please bring it back in one piece, 007.

Aston Martin DB5 For Sale In Australia…For $1,650,000

Bond. James Bond…you are not. That’s because this particular example of a rare 1964 Aston Martin DB5 with just 38,284km on the clock is currently on sale for $1,650,000 in Australia.

It’s a serious amount of coin for a car that still rocks a cassette player but remember, this isn’t mother’s Corolla – this is a collector’s game and this is the ultimate collector’s car. The Aston Martin DB5 is arguably one of the world’s most iconic cars made famous by 007 in 1964’s Goldfinger at the hands of Sean Connery.

Sean Connery with the Aston Martin DB5 in 1964’s ‘Goldfinger’

It was also haplessly blown to bits in Skyfall forty-eight years later at the hands of Daniel Craig. Spot the cool matching number plates.

Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin DB5 in 2012’s ‘Skyfall’

But we digress. What you see before you is a genuine DB5 located in Sydney for immediate purchase should you have a lazy one and a half million kicking around. What you’re getting is one of 1,021 examples built worldwide – and that number should be smaller considering the DB5s that have actually survived till this day.

This car features all the trimmings from the factory including an aluminium DOHC 4.0 litre straight six mated to a 5 Speed ZF manual transmission and a lightweight tubular framed body designed by the Italian coachbuilder, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. Performance-wise it’s not bad for its era and there’s enough poke to see the DB5 hit 0-100km/h in about 8 seconds before topping out at 233km/h. Of course the traffic light drag strip isn’t what you’d buy it for (we hope not at least).

On the inside there’s all the bells and whistles of a 60s era car including electric window switches, vintage analogue dials, aircraft-style levers and plush Dark Blue Connelly leather seating front and back. The exterior is presented in Silver Birch and is complemented with an Aston Martin Heritage Trust certificate along with early restoration documents and registration certificates dating from 1990.

Adding even more value to the car is the fact that this is a single-owner vehicle. It was delivered brand new to F.B. Beard ESQ. of St Johns Hill on the 22nd of May 1964.

Keen? You can put down your deposit via the Carsales listing now or see the car in person at Sydney’s Classic Throttle Shop.