Aussie Blokes Hate Their Sex Lives, But One Surprising City Bucks The Trend

Wild nights in Western Australia.

Aussie Blokes Hate Their Sex Lives, But One Surprising City Bucks The Trend

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Whether it’s in the context of a committed relationship or freer times spent flying solo, many of us have experienced a sexual slump at some point in our lives. And when that happens, frustration, dissatisfaction, and a longing for more can consume us. A recent survey sheds light on the sexual satisfaction of Australians and it’s not good news… unless you live in one surprising city.

Whether we like to admit it or not, having good sex can be hard. Whether you’re coupled up, sowing your oats, or in the all too common grey area in between, having sex that truly satisfies you is no mean feat. If you want to get a head start, check out our high-level sex tips for couples, advice on how to have better sex from a male escort, and our exclusive chat with world-beating sexologist Chantelle Otten.

But why do we say with such unbridled confidence that having good sex is such a tricky task? Well, a newly released dataset from Lovehoney that surveyed over a thousand Aussies reveals that four in five Australians (80%) are not satisfied with their sex lives. However, amidst the apparent gloom, there is one surprising city that bucks the trend – Perth, the city of satisfaction. Apparently.

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Out of the entire nation, the residents of the Western Australian capital stand out as the most sexually satisfied, with a relatively remarkable 27% expressing contentment in their bedroom activities. Not bad for a city of lustful FIFOs.

Coming (hehe) in second place is Wollongong, where just under a quarter of residents (24%) claim sexual satisfaction. Sydney follows closely behind, with 21% of people in the city reporting fulfilment. Sadly, things only go downhill from there…

Digging deeper into the data, it becomes apparent that the gender divide plays a role in the overall satisfaction levels. Overall, people of all genders seem to be pretty unhappy with their sex lives. For men, that figure stands at a staggering 72%. Sadly, it’s even higher for Aussie women, of whom 82% admit to feeling unsatisfied. Though this statistic alone is pretty telling, the data can be broken down further in a number of interesting ways.

Age also appears to be a surprisingly potent influence on sexual satisfaction, with older Australians reporting significantly higher levels of contentment in figures that may come as a surprise to many: more than a third of respondents aged 55 and above expressed sexual satisfaction, compared to only 16% of 18 to 24-year-olds and 17% of 25 to 34-year-olds. It seems that maturity — and the increased likelihood of spending long periods of time with a single partner — could be the key to sexual success.

It may not look like it, but Perth is Australia’s leading light when it comes to love life. Image: Getty

We can even break down the data along astrological lines, should you be that way inclined (your misso probably is). Scorpios lead the pack as the most sexually satisfied sign, with a third living up to their passionate reputation. Following closely are fire signs Leo (25%) and Aries (24%), also known for their high libidos. In contrast, Capricorns emerge as the least satisfied sign, with a shocking 88% expressing dissatisfaction. The discerning earth signs, famous for their impossibly high standards, prove to be more challenging to please in the bedroom…

But the real question is this: why is satisfaction so low across the board? The reasons are manifold. Body confidence emerges as a prominent issue, with a quarter of respondents attributing their dissatisfaction to low self-esteem. Women, in particular, struggle with this concern, with nearly a third citing it as a barrier to sexual enjoyment.

Men, however, appear less affected by body consciousness, with only 11% identifying it as a hindrance. For them, the primary reasons for dissatisfaction revolve around their partner’s disinterest in sex (17%), being distracted by other responsibilities (14%), and self-imposed pressure to perform (13%).

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The full top-10 list of reasons for struggling sex lives. Image: Lovehoney

With Men’s Health Week well underway, it seems like an opportune moment for blokes nationwide to reexamine their sexual satisfaction. So, do any of the above issues ring true for you? Luckily, sexual health expert Christine Rafe reveals how to start the long and delicate process of getting your sex life back on track:

“We need to take responsibility for learning about and communicating our sexual desires and needs so we can feel sexually satisfied… Sexual satisfaction is a lifelong exploration so requires ongoing curiosity and openness, even if you are in a long-term relationship.”

Christine Rafe

So if you’re having a hard time in the bedroom and looking to revitalise your love life, an open mind and willingness to communicate appear to be the central pillars of carnal contentment. Failing that, maybe it’s time to book a one-way ticket to Perth, the hitherto unrecognised oasis of pleasure in Australia’s sexual-satisfaction labyrinth.