Australian Politicians Banned From Using ‘Mate’

"Yeah... Nah."

Australian Politicians Banned From Using ‘Mate’

Australia. It’s a country like no other with some truly unique (and sometimes hilarious) customs. A country where it’s common to see spiders, snakes and kangaroos; where people love Vegemite and everyone uses the word “mate.”

Or at least – everyone used to love the word mate…

New South Wales (NSW) government ministers, led by Premier Dominic Perrottet, recently undertook workplace behaviour training sessions and were reportedly told to refrain from using “mate” in parliament.

According to The Daily Telegraph, many ministers were outraged when told they should no longer say ‘mate’ and questioned exactly what about the word is so offensive.

One unnamed minister told The Daily Telegraph, “I use ‘mate’ all the time – it’s as Australian as you can get. How can it be offensive?” while another said it’s “PC insanity.”

Of course, Twitter users had a field day when the news broke that NSW ministers were no longer allowed to say ‘mate’, with many saying it’s simply ‘un-Australian’.

Twitter user Julie Munno commented “I have no words” while user Renee Charlize wrote a classic Aussie phrase in response: “Yeah… NAH”.

János Németh, another Twitter user made a very valid point and Tweeted, “Utter stupidity! Is this the most important issue the NSW Parliament has to deal with?”

Overall, no matter your opinion on the current NSW government, you have to admit that banning the word ‘mate’ is a tad ridiculous. You won’t see us here at DMARGE refraining from saying mate anytime soon…

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