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  • LAST UPDATEDMonday 30th March, 2020

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you already pay a fair amount of attention to your grooming, and rightly so. Nonetheless, far too many men fall into the trap of either buying bargain-basement grooming products from their local supermarket, or paying exorbitant amounts for designer skincare from a flashy department store.

Thankfully, as with alcohol, clothing and just about everything else worth having, a host of passionate artisans from right here in Australia have started to change the game, producing top-of-the-line grooming products that are accessible to all men down under.


A world class contender

Slicker than any average hair product you’ll ever find on a supermarket shelf, PATRICKS has ascended the world of men’s luxury grooming with its own distinct flavour of flair and masculinity. The man behind the name is Bondi local and entrepreneur, Patrick Kidd. After owning his own barber and witnessing men having to continually use mediocre products, Kidd decided to embark on his own quest to create male grooming perfection. The PATRICKS line of hair styling products was eventually born with a serious dedication to delivering impeccable hair aesthetics and vitality via a fastidious secret formulation. Besides hairstyling products, PATRICKS also does shampoo and conditioner with reputed international stockists ranging from MR PORTER to Barneys NY.


Gentlemen’s Brand Co.

A focus on attention to detail

Gentlemen’s Brand has been at the forefront of the Aussie grooming scene for a little while now, and the reason for that rests largely on their devotion to every ingredient they put in their products. Their overall offering is a lovingly crafted, yet relatively straightforward range of skincare. Think a daily moisturiser containing wildcrafted Kakadu Nut, biodynamic Macadamia oil and organic botanical oils from around the country.


Uppercut Deluxe

Born from a lack of reliable choices

As anyone who had a haircut in the noughties would tell you, the land of decent men’s haircare products was relatively baron. Uppercut was born out of this vacuum, the product of two Queenslanders who were frustrated at the lack of quality local products to suit the old-school barbershop they wanted to run. The rest is history, and Uppercut is one of the most popular men’s haircare (and now, skincare) ranges in Australia. Chances are you’ve seen Uppercut being sold in at least one store or barbershop around, but make no mistake. It’s still quality gear.


Charles + Lee

The new kid on the block

An absolute newcomer on the scene, Charles + Lee exploded onto the scene about a year ago with the goal of making skin care effective, affordable, and most importantly, free of marketing jargon or bullshit in any form. Charles + Lee’s entire range is cruelty free, made in Melbourne from organic, natural ingredients, and only made with RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. What more could you ask for?


Grown Alchemist

Designed for both genders

While Grown Alchemist is more of an all-encompassing skincare brand for both genders, their entire philosophy makes them worth a mention all the same. Grown Alchemist combine a fervent desire to inject the best botanicals into all of their products with a fierce scientific determination that controls every aspect of the way the Grown Alchemist range comes together. Even the bottle materials are carefully chosen to ensure that nothing contaminates their carefully crafted concoctions.


Hunter Lab

Made to be simple and effective

Another Melbourne-based brand, Hunter Lab was born out of the desire to make men’s skin care simple, masculine and effective once more. Infused with the kind of style and packaging that could only come out of a place like Melbourne, Hunter Lab’s entire range is designed to restore a man’s face to the money maker it should be through the use of the best natural ingredients.


King Brown

An Australian favourite

As notorious as its scaled namesake, King Brown Pomade is fast becoming a favourite pomade brand around the barbers and bathrooms of Australia. Every tin of King Brown is poured in Australia, with a range of classic and matte finishes available to suit your particular tastes.


Milk & Co.

From the man who holds numerous Gold Olympic medals

Despite what we said before about supermarket grooming brands, there’s no doubt that Milk & Co, brainchild of Australian Olympic swimming champion Michael Klim, has made waves in the men’s skincare world over the last 9 years. Still made in Australia and made from 95% natural, marine-based ingredients, Milk & Co provides the perfect entry-level range for any man looking to start taking proper care of his skin without breaking the bank.



The viking connection

Valor takes the Viking approach to shaving and beard care, as evidenced by its thoroughly Nordic-themed packaging. What does the Viking approach mean? It means natural, organic, timeless products that endorse traditional brush and razor shaving. Every Valor product, from their shaving soap to their body wash, is hand crafted in Byron Bay and free of Palm Oil, chemical fragrances, parabens or synthetic foaming agents.


Australian Grooming Brands FAQ

What should be in a man's toiletry bag?

Your toiletry bag should contain a bar of soap, a travel-sized bottle of shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, shaving supplies and nail clippers. Do not forget your lip balm, some band aids, safety pins and a lint roller.

Which is better, shaving foam or gel?

Shaving gels produce richer lathers than foams, making razor glide through your skin better so you will have a smoother shave. They are also easier to spread across your face due to their thinner consistency.

What product is good for younger looking skin?

For a fresher-looking skin, try Vitamin C antioxidant serum. It helps reverse sun damage and build collagen, erasing wrinkles and evening out your skin tones. Of course, do not forget to use moisturizer with sunscreen.

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