Influencers Stun Bondi Diners, Sparking Restaurant Etiquette Debate

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Influencers Stun Bondi Diners, Sparking Restaurant Etiquette Debate

Image: @rorywarnockwellness

Sydney has a fantastic fine dining scene, but if you’re looking for a meal that’ll taste good and impress all your Instagram followers, then you can’t go past Bondi Icebergs.

Perched on the southern end of The Harbour City’s most famous beach, the iconic swimming club is also home to one of Sydney’s best (and most beautiful) restaurants. As we’ve discussed before here at DMARGE, it’s the perfect place if you want to people watch as well as be watched, and maybe even eat some tiramisù.

But there are simply some things you don’t want to watch while you’re eating… Like a sexy photoshoot as you’re tucking into a medium-rare eye fillet. That’s exactly what some diners at Bondi Icebergs experienced yesterday… and on regular occasions at the iconic venue.

Rory Warnock, a Bondi-based performance and wellness coach, shared how during his lunch, an influencer and her photographer decided to take a few candid shots right by his table, the influencer wearing a very unique ensemble.

The eagle-eyed among you might also notice her unusual footwear. Yes, those are indeed high-heel Crocs: specifically, they’re from a collaborative capsule with Balenciaga, they’re called the Crocs Madame, and they’re worth AU$875.

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All jokes aside, it’s not unusual these days to cause such a scene at a restaurant, just look at Salt Bae force-feeding meat to his wealthy patrons. It does beg the question, is it disrespectful to diners who are just trying to get through lunch?

That being said, it’s these kinds of capers that make Bondi, well Bondi, so perhaps we should hop off our pulpit and calm ourselves down with an orange mocha frappuccino. Also: it’s possible the model/influencer had permission for the photo shoot. Regardless, they got our attention (which we assume was the point of the whole exercise.)

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Still, it’s not as bad as the usual influencer caper of trying to extort free meals out of restaurants in exchange for ‘exposure’ – like this social media scoundrel tried (and failed) to do in Noosa…

It’s also not the first stunt this year to go a little awry, as you can see in the video below.

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