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10 Best Australian Sunglasses Brands

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Not all men’s eyewear is created equal. But in the oversaturated sunglasses market, finding the best pair to suit your face could be considered a form of ancient rocket science… A.K.A. incredibly difficult.

So, where do you start? Well, firstly you need to determine what style of sunnies will best suit your face shape (which, if you have no idea how to do this, you can find out here). Then you need to find a sunglasses brand that produces high-quality products in terms of style and protection.

Still unsure of where to look? We recommend purchasing from an Australian sunglasses brand. Why? Well, the sun shines the brightest there all year round, and the land Down Under has actually served up some of the decade’s most sought-after eyewear.

What to look for in men's sunglasses?

You want a pair with a good amount of UV protection to save your eyes from sun damage. But you also want a pair of sunglasses that are stylish enough to be worn to both casual and formal occasions. Choose a classic, timeless style that’s suited to your face shape.

How many sunglasses should a man own?

We recommend at least two pairs. One expensive pair that’s timeless and classic, and will go seamlessly with both your casual and formal outfits. And one cheaper pair for when you’re out hiking, boating, or doing some kind of activity where you may scratch, damage, or easily lose your sunglasses.

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But there’s actually a surprising amount of Australian sunglasses brands out there, so to help you even further we’ve rounded up the best Australian sunglasses brands. These brands were all founded in Oz and produce some of the finest sunglasses, not only Down Under, but worldwide.