‘Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels’; Everything You Need To Know

Australian Survivor is back on our screens for a brand new season... but who will outwit, outplay and outlast to be crowned Sole Survivor?

‘Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels’; Everything You Need To Know

Image: Channel 10

A new group of Australian castaways are hitting our screens to battle it in the latest series of Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the first episode of the new season.

Each contestant will believe they have what it takes to outwit, outplay and outlast their campmates and the rival team to be crowned Sole Survivor and walk away with the $500,000 AUD prize money in the new season of Australian Survivor.

The eleventh season, which is officially launched on 10 Network on Monday 29 January 2024, will see twelve strangers compete against each other, either in Team Titans or Team Rebels.

Australian Survivor Host

Jonathan LaPaglia returns as the affable host of Australian Survivor; a role he has held since 2016.

“The Titans tribe is made up of players who are at the top of their field, the overachievers, whilst the Rebels have forged their own path in life, they’re the rule breaks,” Jonathan LaPaglia told New Idea.

“The Titans are used to calling the shots and being in charge so they may struggle working together, whereas the Rebels are not used to having anyone in charge!”

Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels Cast

This season’s group of marooned castaways includes twelve complete strangers who will all compete for the title of “Sole Survivor”.

In the ranks is a powerlifter and a strongman; an AFL agent and a business owner; a paramedic and a former diplomat; a bar manager and an Australian swimsuit model. The new season of Australian Survivor will see rule makers and rule breakers come up against each other in the ultimate game of survival.

Although this group of people may not have notoriety beyond this season of Australian Survivor, previous castaways such as King Kanh Ong and King George Mladenov have gone on to achieve stardom following their stints on the show.

What does the Titans v Rebels theme mean?

Australian Survivor tends to have overarching themes for each season to tie in the group of strangers to the Samoan island. In previous seasons, the show has had themes such as Blood v Water, Brains v Brawn and Heroes v Villians.

“Titans are both physically intimidating and utterly ruthless, but they’ll need to be at their absolute best to take on the Rebels — a group of individuals who live life by a different set of rules.”

This season the theme is Titans v Rebels and could suggest the different ways that the castaways approach their everyday lives.

Where to watch Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels

Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels launches on Network 10 on Monday 29 January 2024 at 7:30 PM AEDT.

Where is Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels being filmed?

This season of Australian Survivor: Titans v Rebels returns to Upolu, Samoa where the show was first filmed in 2016.

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