Australian Tourist Deported From Bali After Wild Fight With Police Officer

“No helmet, no respect, no brain.”

Australian Tourist Deported From Bali After Wild Fight With Police Officer

Image: Independent

Another day, another Aussie acting like a d*ckhead in Bali – it happens so regularly you could pretty much set your clock by it. Though the Indonesian island is no stranger to antisocial Antipodean antics, one woman has really done the proud Australian nation dirty this week after a traffic stop that got seriously out of hand…

It’s an age-old tradition, Aussies acting out in their favourite holiday spot, the once Edenic island of Bali. In fact, it happens so often that it’s provided us here at DMARGE with regular editorial fodder for years.

Aussies have become such a nuisance in Bali that the government has decided to step in, recently announcing plans for a widespread public information campaign aimed at “encouraging” better behaviour from tourists visiting the packed-out paradise. More on that later…

This week, however, one Aussie woman has really taken the biscuit, kicking up a real fuss after being pulled over by a local traffic cop.

Martia Daniell was kicked out of Bali after a video of her getting into an argument with police for not wearing a helmet while riding her scooter went viral online. She was stopped by an officer on a busy road in North Kuta for a misdemeanour that comes with an annoying but not exactly life-ruining $25 fine.

However, Daniell was having none of it, responding aggressively to the officer. The footage of the heated exchange, captured by a passerby, quickly spread across social media, with the video racking up 1.8 million views and counting…

In the video, Daniell can be seen gesturing somewhat impolitely at the officer, saying “It’s not my fault!” while the officer calmly explains the rules. Daniell’s excuse? Her helmet was stolen…

Keen to get going, she tries to drive off, saying she’s going to buy a new helmet and causing a minor traffic jam as she tries to pull away with police swarming to stop her.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Daniell was deported from Indonesia after the video went viral. Unsurprisingly, the video has sparked a great deal of discussion online, with some weighing in on how best to respect cultural norms abroad, and others simply apologising on behalf of the Australian nation:

“On behalf of Australia, I apologise. Unfortunately, we have losers here who think they own Australia as well as the entire world and they have no respect for anyone from another culture.”

Others praised the officer’s demeanour, saying “He should get a badge of honour for his calmness”, while others came down shortly, sharply, and harshly on Daniell: “No helmet, no respect, no brain.”

This comes hot on the heels of news that the Bali Tourism Board is launching a public campaign to raise awareness among tourists and educate them on how to behave in cultural settings.

The campaign aims to encourage tourists to respect Balinese cultural customs by dressing neatly, following the rules, behaving in an orderly manner, and not breaking the law.

Our recent mock-up of the new campaign.

Speaking to The Bali Sun, Bali Tourism Board chairman Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana explained that the campaign aims to get “tourists to respect Balinese cultural customs by dressing well and neatly, following in an orderly manner, carrying out traffic activities and not doing things that are outside the provisions”.

Though the campaign looks pretty comprehensive, the Aussie dickhead is a tenacious, creature, and we’re not entirely convinced a few billboards – no matter how well worded – will be able to kill off their bad behaviour.

For now, Balinese drivers can all sleep a little easier knowing that Martia Daniell is on her way home… Aussie drivers, however, should be on red alert.