Australians Can Say Goodbye To High Mortgage Rates Thanks To Game-Changing New Platform

Beat the mortgage madness.

Australians Can Say Goodbye To High Mortgage Rates Thanks To Game-Changing New Platform

Craggle is using the power of numbers to assist Australians struggling with their home loans in securing better rates from their banks.

In an era where financial stability is crucial but increasingly out of reach, Australian homeowners are finding innovative ways to secure their financial future. One such groundbreaking approach comes from a new company called Craggle, which is using the power of numbers to help Aussies struggling with their home loans.

What’s more, Craggle secures better rates from banks with a safe, simple, and quick solution that’s already saving Australians thousands of dollars each year…

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The Power of Collective Bargaining

How does it work? Craggle’s ingenious approach is based on collective bargaining power. By bringing together a large group of homeowners, the company negotiates improved rates with banks on behalf of its participants. Some homeowners have already seen an improvement of over one percent on their existing mortgage rates, and these substantial savings are helping individuals deal with the ever-increasing cost of living.

The process is incredibly straightforward too: homeowners provide some basic details about their home loan situation and then leave Craggle to work its magic. Craggle collaborates with a growing list of banks, all of which respond within a week with significantly improved rates, tailored to each user’s unique circumstances.

Addressing the Fear of Complexity

A recent survey conducted by Craggle revealed that 81% of Australians believe the refinance process is unnecessarily complicated, while a staggering 47% of participants wouldn’t even consider renegotiating with their bank due to a lack of confidence in the process.

Craggle CEO and Co-founder, Luke Oxley, expressed the company’s mission to simplify this process:

“We’re proud to offer a new way of getting ahead for Australians who may be feeling the pinch with their current mortgages by sourcing rates no broker or other provider can offer. The home loan rates we’ve been able to negotiate aren’t available anywhere else.”

Luke Oxley, Craggle CEO and Co-founder

Easing the Cost of Living

Craggle couldn’t have arrived at a better time, with their services having already benefited nearly 200 customers who have secured better rates with their current or new banks. Craggle’s survey revealed some alarming statistics that show how Australians are making significant sacrifices to afford their home loans…

A massive 81% of respondents had reduced discretionary spending to meet their mortgage obligations. This includes reducing eating out (80%), forgoing holidays (68%), skipping live entertainment (58%), and cutting grocery spending (54%). In short, they were giving up on the best things in life just to meet their mortgage requirements, and Craggle doesn’t think that’s on.

The cost of living crisis has seen Aussies skimping on essentials to meet their mortgage repayments. Image: Herald Sun

Real Success Stories

Craggle’s impact has already proved to be profound, as illustrated by satisfied customers like Abby Plunkett who saved 1.1 percent on her mortgage rate without the need for a full refinance. The Craggle system, she explained, was quick, simple, and easy to use; her family now has over $300 in monthly savings to allocate towards essential expenses.

Another Craggle user, Mark Williams, highlighted his impressive savings of 1.14 percent through the Craggle website:

“Craggle is a great concept… the proof of the power of numbers is reflected in the result we and others have received.”

Mark Williams

A Brighter Financial Future

The results already achieved by Craggle speak for themselves and their approach clearly resonates with Australians who are seeking financial stability in uncertain times.

To regain control of your finances, visit Craggle’s website, enter a few essential details, and let their secure system handle the process for you. Sit back and relax as Craggle negotiates a better financial future on your behalf.