The Bad Boys Are Back In Town… Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Miami’s finest are now its most wanted.

The Bad Boys Are Back In Town… Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

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Before the streets of Miami were paved with the proverbial gold of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and David Beckham’s latest MLS franchise Inter Miami, the Florida city’s reputation was slightly less glamorous, consisting of illicit activity and drug busts that required a very particular type of law enforcement to keep the city’s thugs in check. 

For years, two of Miami’s best detectives were on the scene – when they weren’t busting each other’s balls, of course – combining effortless one-liners with inimitable chemistry to foil the plots of the seasoned offenders that called Miami’s streets home.

Yes, the celebrated Bad Boys franchise led by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has delivered time and time again since the first release in 1995. Now in its fourth instalment, the Bad Boys are back in town… like you’ve never seen them before. 

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Bad Boys: Ride or Die returns to our screens this month for the comedy blockbuster of the season. Now, detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett may be slightly longer in the tooth, but they have in no way missed a beat; they’re insanely hilarious (whilst it’ll probably be MA-rated, this is yet to be confirmed) complementing each other to produce an explosive riot of laugh-out-loud jokes, whilst still maintaining a genuine story with heart that we’ve come to expect from this celebrated story. Fans of the original will know what I mean.

This time, however, our chaotic pair of Miami’s finest find themselves on the wrong side of the law, pursued by the very police department that they have represented for the best part of two decades after their Captain Conrad Howard was posthumously framed for his involvement in the city’s criminal underworld. 

“Boys, if you’re seeing this I’m probably dead…”

Captain Conrad Howard

The Boys embark on their most dangerous (and potentially final) mission yet to clear their names and expose the rogue agents who are hell-bent on taking them out of the picture. 

Facing off against a formidable cartel and familiar foes, the Boys test their mettle and partnership in ways they’ve never experienced before to navigate a deadly web of corruption, double-crosses, and explosive encounters. With Miami as their volatile playground, Mike and Marcus deliver their trademark mix of intense action sequences and side-splitting comedy.

Supported by a stellar all-star cast of Vanessa Hudgens, Eric Dane, Alexander Ludwig and Paola Núñez, Bad Boys: Ride or Die isn’t simply a sequel – or even, just a buddy cop movie. 

Image: ©2024 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. 

The movie has already dropped over in the US and fan reactions have come pouring out. Suffice to say, the people are impressed. Podcast host Brandon Davis said that this movie “raised every bar.” set by the franchise so far: “It’s nonstop hilarious. Innovative action beats. So much chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The best time I’ve had at the movies in a while.”

Reviewer Drew Taylor called it “a total blast”: “Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still great at busting each others’ b*lls, the new mystery is compelling (Eric Dane is a great baddie) and Adil & Bilall’s action sequences are loaded with inventive staging and camerawork.” 

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All in all, it’s an edge-of-your-seat theatrical experience that delivers the franchise’s trademark mix of intense action sequences and side-splitting comedy as only Smith and Lawrence know how; a testament to the direction of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah who have been able to carry through much of what the core fans know and love, whilst creating something uniquely moving and original.

Secure your tickets today for Bad Boys: Ride or Die released in cinemas on 6 June 2024. You seriously won’t want to miss it.