Bentley Bentayga Goes Electric With First Ever Plugin Hybrid

The future of big SUVs is looking green.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Luxury British carmaker Bentley is finally looking to a greener future with the unveiling of their Bentayga SUV in plugin hybrid format.

Okay, not really – it’s just to satisfy future tightening emissions regulations. The beast of an SUV which previously came in twin-turbo V8 and W12 variants trades up the big petrol engines for a 3.0-litre turbo V6 mated to an electric motor.

Whilst it might not sound as nice, the running costs should be easier on the hip pocket and benefit Mother Nature in the long run (not that buyers of this type of car need help saving). The format is a first for the marque and will see the Bentayga Hybrid travel up to 50km on electric power alone. Charging times have been noted as 7.5 hours on household power and 2.5 hours on a fast charger.

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Information on the car is sparse for the moment but what we do know is that it will come with the  Starck Power Dock concept, a home charger made entirely from sustainable materials including stuff like pressed eco-linen with bio-sourced thermosetting resin.

Get in line, cashed-up hipsters.