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The Best Men's Body Wash To Scrub Away Your Sins

Your daily scrub down will never be the same again.

Men, never neglect the humble body wash. We’re not talking about plain soap on a rope here, we’re talking about dedicated body washes that won’t dry out your skin, leave you itchy, or leave you smelling like a second-rate dishwashing detergent. You’re better than that and deserve a top-quality men’s body wash.

How to use body wash

So how does one use body wash? Think of it like soft wash hand soap but for your entire body – just don’t use it on your hair like shampoo (we know soap guys do this). You can apply some to your hands and rub yourself down before giving it a rinse or if you want to be more thorough, apply it to a washcloth or loofah.

Rub it onto your wet skin in circular motions and apply as required. Once you’re done, rinse off and the job is finished – you’ll smell like a million bucks without all the itchy red rashes, and you’ll find that with just a few uses your skin will be blemish-free and the softest it’s been in years!

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The body washes we’ve selected below hail from all over the globe, from Kiehl’s to Lab Series to Aēsop to more high-end brands such as Jo Malone (yes, Jo Malone isn’t just in the candle game). Whatever your budget or preference for body wash, you’re guaranteed to find the right one to slip into your toiletry bag or cabinet. Your white shirts, suits, hot dates, and, most importantly, your skin will thank you for it later.

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