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Best Men’s Fragrances To Keep You Fresh For Under $100

In this day and age, colognes and men’s fragrances can be ridiculously expensive. So, for those of you who wear cologne daily and are sick of forking out loads of cash just to smell nice, and for those of you who are – c’mon, own up to it – cheapskates, may we suggest a solution? Cheap fragrances.

Cheap fragrances don’t necessarily smell, well, cheap and can even be long-lasting and high-quality. Some of the finest brands, such as Chanel and Dior, have affordable colognes in their range that smell just as good, if not better, than their most expensive colognes.

How to properly apply cologne

You don’t want to spray cologne all over you, as fragrances intensify over time. You just want a light spray on your neck and wrists; however, don’t spray one wrist and then rub your wrists together, as this will lessen the longevity of your cologne. Spray your neck and each wrist, extremely lightly.

If you really want to enhance your fragrance in warmer weather and you’re wearing shorts, try a light spray behind each knee too.

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If you’re looking for a cheap fragrance that smells exquisite and will last long after you spray it, these are the best colognes that won’t break the bank.


For the nature lover...

Christian Dior $100.00
Sauvage’s scent was created as an ode to nature and has an incredibly fresh yet unmistakable masculine fragrance. An exclusive type of bergamot, rather than regular bergamots, that’s fruitier and develops unique, slightly peppery and zesty facets was used to create this clean scent.


For the elegant man...

Yves Saint Laurent $97.00
L’Homme has a fresh and woody fragrance. Bright citrus notes of bergamot and ginger blend with sensual vetiver to create a uniquely balanced scent that exudes a timeless elegance of a man with style.

Bleu De Chanel

For a sensual scent...

Chanel $98.00
Chanel’s Bleu De Chanel has a woody, aromatic fragrance with top notes of citrus and cedar. Base notes of New Caledonian Sandalwood give this fragrance greater depth, making the scent fresh, clean, and profoundly sensual.


For the spicy man...

Viktor & Rolf $92.00
It’s no surprise that a cologne named Spicebomb has a warm and spicy fragrance. With key notes of sage, triple black spice complex, and roasted almonds as well as base notes of smooth tobacco and aged leather, you’ll exude power and raw sensuality when wearing this fragrance.


For the cheapskate...

David Beckham $16.90
If you really want a cheap fragrance you can’t get one for a much lower price than David Beckham’s Beyond. However, despite it being extremely cheap, this fragrance is still extremely good quality; with woodsy highlights of spice and leather and delightful opening notes of mojito, citrusy grapefruit, and cardamom.