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Affordable Men’s Wallet Brands That Will Never Sacrifice Your Style

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Best Cheap Wallet Brands For Men

No matter who you are, what your job is or how old you are, every man needs a wallet. They carry many of your most important possessions like your access to money, money itself, identification and many other worldly personal possessions.

Not only is your wallet an absolute essential, but it is also an expression of who you are whether you’re wearing a suit or shorts. Are you a high flying corporate who needs to show their success in the medium of a Berulti wallet, or just that guy who never grew up and still has some nylon-velcro monstrosity? Wherever you stand in the spectrum of wallets, it’s important to get something that reflects who you are with style and class to match your outfit.

How To Choose The Right Wallet

With that said, the other factors one should consider when purchasing their next wallet is:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Size.

Since men rarely upgrade their wallets, it’s important to get something that will last you a while, and I’m talking years. A nicely aged wallet that has travelled with you on your journeys can often be more charming than when it first came out of the box, but if it doesn’t last long enough, this charm won’t last. Similarly, pick a wallet with a timeless design. Yes, that bright green, patterned number might be cool today, but I bet any money you’ll regret it in a few years. If in doubt keep it simple; you can’t go wrong with dark coloured leathers.

Finally, think about your needs: do you have 15 unused gift cards that you like to have on you at all times ‘just in case’? You should probably get rid of these, but if you do, you’re going to need a larger wallet. If you’re happy with a credit card, your driver’s license and a photo of your labrador, you’re not going to need something quite as large and a slim wallet is your answer.

Whilst it might seem rather ambitious to score the perfectly sized, timelessly designed and quality-made wallet, it’s not impossible. We’ve curated a list of the very best wallets you can get today for the very best prices. Welcome to the money game.

Where Affordable Wallets Are Made

At this price point you can’t be expecting leather wallets to be graced by the hands master craftsmen holed away in the Italian alps whose sole purpose is to create divine leather goods. Many of these affordable wallets will hail from China, India, Vietnam and other regions where manufacturing costs are lower, hence passing on the savings to the customer. That’s not to say they don’t meet certain standards – just don’t expect absolute luxury branding quality at this price point.

Have a little more budget to work with? See below…

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Fossil is synonymous with great accessories for men and has a selection of leather goods and watches. Their American heritage is evident in their designs and quality is much higher than most at this price point.

Fossil Nev Money Clip Bifold Wallet
Nev Money Clip Bifold Wallet $48 | Shop Fossil Wallets

WP Standard

WP Standard isn’t about frills, instead, they focus on creating quality items that are timeless in their design. Founded by a former guitar player, some of their wallets even include a pick holder.

WP Standard The Bifold Wallet
The Bifold Wallet $50 | Shop WP Standard Wallets


Since 1933, Lacoste’s crocodile logo has been one of the most famous logos around that has become a symbol of tennis, French design, and luxury clothing. Their wallets are minimalist and feature that iconic logo we’ve all grown to love.

Lacoste FG Small Billfold
FG Small Billfold $75 | Shop Lacoste Wallets


Escuyer priorities quality construction over all else. They create products that will last a lifetime, are functional and look great.

Escuyer Black Leather Cardholder
Black Leather Cardholder $78 | Shop Escuyer Wallets

Allen St

Allen St was founded by two friends who by chance moved into the same apartment in NYC. This friendship and shared appreciation of culture and art led to them create Allen St, a brand that values quality craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Allen St Black Prince Leather Cardholder
Black Prince Leather Cardholder $79 | Shop Allen St Wallets


Aurelien is the world’s first luxury fashion brand with realistic prices. Made to the same, ultra-high quality standards of other luxury designer brands, Aurelien reduces their mark up to make their products attainable for all. Inspired by the ‘Mediterranian Man’, their products are stylish and timeless.

Aurelien Grey Grained Leather Cardholder
Grey Grained Leather Cardholder $84 | Shop Aurelien Wallets


Bellroy in recent times has become synonymous with ultra-thin and stylish wallets. Their use of premium leathers and clever design allows you to carry everything you need and then some in a thin, streamlined wallet.

Bellroy Note Sleeve
Note Sleeve $85 | Shop Bellroy Wallets

Red Wing Heritage

Famous for their boots, Red Wing Heritage has been making some of the finest workwear for the last 110 years. Constructed to the highest standards, Red Wing doesn’t comprise on quality, even for their wallets.

Red Wing Heritage Card Holder Wallet
Card Holder Wallet $85 | Shop Red Wing Heritage Wallets


Originally born out of the need for rugged yet refined motorcycle luggage, Malle now creates a range of high-quality items including a great selection of wallets.

Malle Moto Zip Wallet
Moto Zip Wallet $87 | Shop Malle Wallets

Ted Baker

Ted Baker was originally started in Glasgow and quickly became famous for their men’s shirts. Since those early days, Ted Baker has evolved to produce a selection of great clothing and accessories for men.

Ted Baker Trave RFID Block Striped Card Holder
Trave RFID Block Striped Card Holder $95 | Shop Ted Baker Wallets

Tanner Goods

Started in Portland, Oregon, Tanner Goods combines American design and craftsmanship. Their designs and patterns are subtle, yet stand out from the crowd perfect for those who are refined yet enjoy some flair.

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold
Utility Bifold $100 | Shop Tanner Goods Wallets

Café Leather

Designed in France and made in Spain, Café Leather creates a range of leather goods that will last you a lifetime and look good throughout. Everything they do is authentic and traditional, artisanal and unique in this day and age.

Café Leather Black Coffee Ultra Slim Wallet Jamaica
Black Coffee Ultra Slim Wallet Jamaica $101 | Shop Café Leather Wallets

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