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15 Best Clogs For Men: For Professionals, Home Comfort & Fashion

Men's clogs to slide right into your best life.

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Though clogs were once considered an “ugly” shoe, the clog is recognised today for its stylish and comfortable design, which can seamlessly blend into both formal and casual attire.

Clogs are suitable for almost every occasion, which is why they’ve become a go-to piece of footwear. However, men’s clogs date back to the 13th century, as it first appeared as a wooden flip flop in medieval Japan, then was later linked to 19th-century Dutch farmers. In the 60s, they burst onto the scene again, becoming known for their signature bohemian style.

When it comes to buying clogs there are two or three main forms of function.

  • Professional – Doctors, nurses, butchers and chefs.
  • Fashion – Purely for looks and comfort
  • Home / recovery – A house shoe of sorts, made from soft materials and just to be worn around the house.

In this guide, we cover all three types to ensure the information provided is helpful and gives you enough information to pull the trigger on your next clog purchase.