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15 Best Clogs for Men In 2022

Men's clogs to slide right into your best life.

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Though clogs were once considered an “ugly” shoe, the clog is recognised today for its stylish and comfortable design, which can seamlessly blend into both formal and casual attire. Clogs are suitable for almost every occasion, which is why they’ve become a go-to piece of footwear. However, men’s clogs date back to the 13th century, as it first appeared as a wooden flip flop in medieval Japan, then was later linked to 19th-century Dutch farmers. In the 60s, they burst onto the scene again, becoming known for their signature bohemian style.

But the shoe emerged into the mainstream after Dior’s “Diorquake” collection of clogs became a staple for sleek off-duty style, and soon every celebrity was a part of the ‘clogerati’. Vastly improving from what was originally a design with wooden uppers and a bulky structure, the clog has undergone many makeovers, with every high-end designer now embracing the shoe.

Finding the right clog for you is dependant on what style you’re going for. If you’re looking for a more polished clog, definitely opt for footwear with a simple suede design. However, if you’re looking for a clog to help you tackle outdoor terrain, purchase a shoe that features a cushioned footbed and rubber outsole, providing extra grip.

Men’s clogs FAQs

Should clogs be tight or loose?

It varies with each design. However, some clogs will feel tighter than offers, especially if the inside moulds around your feet. Typically, clogs will not stretch over time, so try to find a shoe that fits comfortably, something you can easily slip on and off.

Do I have to break in clogs?

Although clogs may feel a little stiff when you first wear them, they will loosen up within the first few days. If it's your first time wearing a pair of clogs, they might feel a little odd, but once you break them in, they'll feel exceptionally comfortable.

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