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Dash Cam Australia 2022: 5 Best Dash Cams In Australia

Which is the best dash cam Australia can get its hands on? We have the answer.

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Dash cams have become almost a necessity in Australia, since they give you the evidence you need if you’re in an accident. They can also help to capture everything that goes on if you’re unfairly treated by law enforcement and can prevent insurance fraud. But as with anything in the world of tech, some dash cams will be better than others, which is why we’ve rounded up the best dash cams Australia has to offer.

What to look for when buying a dash cam

Dash cams are constantly evolving, which is why you need to know what features to look for before buying one.

Some dash cams offer the extra protection of a rear-facing camera, along with the forward-facing one on the front. This can help to provide evidence if someone rear-ends you, and they claim you slammed on your brakes, for example.

You’ll also want to make sure your dash cam has HD (High-Definition) recording as a minimum for clearer images (some offer 4K recording), and that those images remain clear at night-time. The viewing angle is also important to take note of: the larger the field of the view, the more area the dash cam can record.

Some dash cams now have the ability to work via voice control too, meaning you can ask it to play music, read the news or check the weather, with results returned on your smartphone. It might seem a little gimmicky, but could be a genuinely useful feature.

Best Dash Cam Australia FAQs

Are dash cams illegal?

This is entirely dependent on where you reside, but for the most part, no! Most countries and states do allow dash cam use, but, again depending on where you are, there are restrictions that can apply to dash cams.

For example, in the United States, many states, such as New York and Washington, have strict laws about windshield obstructions; so if you live in one of these US states, and your dash cam is deemed to obstruct your windshield and ultimately, your view of the road whilst driving, you can get in trouble with the law.

You also need to consider privacy laws. Some countries and states deem dash cam footage a violation of privacy, especially if it's uploaded to social media.

We recommend thoroughly reading your state and country's laws, or reach out to your local law enforcement, to see what dash cam restrictions will apply to you before purchasing and setting up a dash cam in your car.

What features should a dash cam have?

There are so many different features that dash cams can possess nowadays, but the most important things to look out for is high video quality (4K is the best but not completely necessary; 1080P is fine!), night vision, a looping feature, and a parking mode.

If you’re wanting to get yourself the best dash cam Australia currently offers, read on to find out more.