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7 Best Electric Skateboards To Shred The Streets

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With skateboarding making its Olympic debut earlier this year, it’s safe to say the sport has come a long way since Californians were merely looking for a way to surf on land. The first skateboard known to man was created in the early 50s by a group of guys wanting to invigorate surfing by moving it to streets, which cultivated their nickname, “asphalt surfers”.

By the 80s and 90s, skateboarding developed a huge following with skateboarding shops and magazines paying homage to the new age sport. Soon, everyone began embracing it, as skateboarding was viewed as the pinnacle youth subculture, capturing originality and individuality. Though it was seen as the alternative to team sport formally organised by clubs and establishments, skateboarding eventually became mainstream.

With the emergence of the new motorised board, the sport was once again redefined as riders were finding they could travel faster, quicker than ever before. Even though electric boards are designed to provide you with a smooth and speedy commute, finding the best one can be a challenge as there are so many designs on offer.

When searching for a suitable electric skateboard, you want to make sure it has a strong deck – preferably one made out of maple wood, as they tend to be the most durable. Also, consider its maximum speed and make sure its wireless remote control can easily switch to different a range within seconds. Safety also has to be a priority. Grip tape, anti-slip technologies, and premium wheels are essential in making you feel powerful yet in control.

With so many components to look out for, we’ve put together a list of the best electric skateboards that are currently on offer. These are all quality boards, made to make you feel safe, without ever compromising on performance.

  • Dmarge electric-skateboards 36 700W Double Motors Electric Skateboard
    36" 700W Double Motors Electric Skateboard
  • Dmarge electric-skateboards Generic 35 In. 350W Electric Skateboard
    Generic 35 In. 350W Electric Skateboard
  • Dmarge electric-skateboards 28'' Electric Skateboard
    28'' Electric Skateboard
  • Dmarge electric-skateboards MotoTec 1600W Off Road Electric Skateboard
    MotoTec 1600W Off Road Electric Skateboard
  • Dmarge electric-skateboards 25.59 350W Electric Skateboard
    25.59" 350W Electric Skateboard