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13 Best Fleece Jackets For Men

Stay warm, look sharp, with the best fleece jackets for men.

When the mercury drops, one of the best items of clothing any guy should have in his wardrobe is a fleece jacket. Designed to provide a layer of thermal insulation, but not necessarily any protection against the other elements, fleece jackets are an ideal mid-layer to put on underneath a winter jacket or coat, when you find yourself outside in a blisteringly cold downpour.

Fleece jackets come in a range of styles and can be made from a number of variations of the fleece fabric. Styling will likely come down to personal preference: do you want a pullover design with a quarter-zip or a full zip fleece jacket? Some offer pockets, some don’t, and when browsing, you’ll likely come across various thicknesses, the importance of which will depend on where you plan on wearing yours.

And obviously, style comes into play too. There is currently a resurgence of retro-inspired designs flooding the market, which can look seriously cool, but they won’t be suitable to wear under a blazer to the office. For those scenarios, you’ll want to pick up something with a more business style, and fleece jackets from the more traditional outdoor brands such as Patagonia and The North Face will be more than appropriate.

Fleece Jacket FAQ

What is fleece jacket?

A fleece jacket is made of 100% synthetic material, usually polyester combined with wool, hemp or rayon. Instead of buttons or other fasteners, it features a zipper up the middle.

Is fleece jacket waterproof?

While it provides thermal insulation, a fleece jacket is not waterproof. It will not soak up water like cotton, but you will still get wet thorough it.

How to wash fleece jacket?

Turn fleece jacket inside out and wash it with like colors. Avoid washing it with linty items like towels. Use cool water, rinse twice and air-dry after.

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