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23 Best Gifts For Boyfriends That’ll Really Wow Him

These are the best gifts for boyfriends...

Finding gifts for boyfriends is undoubtedly no easy task. As men are complex creatures, finding the perfect gift for them has its challenges and presenting them a gift card just isn’t going to cut it if you truly want to impress your other half.

Whether it’s a birthday gift, Valentine’s day present, a gift for the holiday season or merely a present to say how much you love them, finding a good gift can be tricky. The key to finding ideal gifts for boyfriends is all about choosing something you know they’ll use and something that reflects their interests too.

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If you’re struggling with gift ideas, do not fret, as we’ve rounded up the best gifts for boyfriends that range from fitness-related presents to the latest innovative gadgets in the tech industry. No matter what your boyfriend’s tastes are, you’re guaranteed to find something he’ll adore below.

Audi RS e-tron GT Toy Car

For the car lover...

Audi $299.00
Car-lovers will be desperate to get their hands on Audi’s new car, the RS e-tron GT, which is launching in 2022. A high-performance electric car with an exquisitely sophisticated design, Audi has set new standards for luxury motoring with its leading-edge all-electric drive.

Satisfy your car enthusiast’s needs by giving them Audi’s limited edition toy car that’s an exact 1:18 scale replica of the RS e-tron GT. This model car has been meticulously made and will elevate any desk it’s placed on. However, don’t be surprised if your boyfriend starts playing with it like a child as soon as he unwraps this cool gift. Price: AU$299.

Q Timex Reissue Stainless Steel Watch

For the timekeeper...

Timex $339.00
If you're looking to buy something that oozes luxury, then the revamp of the Q Timex classic might be the answer. Initially released in 1979, The Q Timex shook up the watch industry with its futuristic design and advanced technology.

But now, this stainless steel watch is back and better than ever, with new additions including a functional battery hatch, rotating top ring, luminescent paint while being water-resistant in up to 50 meters.

Melbourne Backpack

For the man on the go...

Bellroy $199.00
If you're struggling to think of great gifts for boyfriends, try to present him with something functional that you know he'll use. Speaking of practicality, this slim urban Bellroy backpack might be exactly what he needs. This Melbourne backpack is a clean, minimalist design ideal for travelling in and out of the office.

It also comes with a designated sleeve to fit your laptop, Magsnap fasteners to keep the bag securely closed, interior sidewall pockets and an A5 document pocket slip. Also, this backpack includes adjustable shoulder straps and padded back panels to make it super easy to carry in transit. You'll struggle to find a more high-tech design.

Low 1 White Sneakers

For the sneaker head...

Oliver Cabell $270.00
Oliver Cabell is home to the finest men's footwear fusing modern designs with premium fabrics, making it one of the best places to shop for gifts for boyfriends.

These shoes are the perfect addition if you need a traditional style to complement almost any outfit. The Low 1 sneaker is a classic sneaker silhouette cut from full-grain leather from Mache Italy. Their Margom Italian rubbers outsoles are highly durable and lightweight, making them super easy to move around in - perfect everyday sneaker for your man to run all his daily errands in.

Orson Pull Bungee Rope Bracelet

For the stylish man...

Miansai $85.00
Founded in 2008 by Michael Saiger, Miansai delivered the finest handcrafted jewellery, and this sterling silver brace is a great gift idea for the man in your life.

This men's Orson Pull Rope Bracelet comes in a striking rich blue colour and features a hand-casted sterling silver flat bead linked onto a bungee cord, making it one of the more luxurious gifts for boyfriends currently. Easy to adjust, this bracelet accommodates almost every wrist size too.

Evolution Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

For the man who goes to dinner after the gym...

Lululemon $89.00
When it comes it technical activewear gifts for boyfriends, Lululemon is at the top of the list. This Vancouver based range supplies incredible sports apparel that's incredibly functional. This polo shirt is the perfect gift for those looking for activewear that can be worn casually too.

Cut from Pique fabric, this shirt ticks all the boxes, as it's moisture-wicking, anti-stink, quick-drying and feels insanely soft on the skin. Also, this shirt is available in many colours, promising you to go with the rest of his athleisure.

American Mountains Whisky Glasses Set

For the elegant drinker...

Whiskey Peaks $65.00
For whisky and liqueur connoisseurs, Huckberry provides a range of the best gifts for boyfriends, including this exclusive collection of whisky glasses. We can safely say you've never sipped out of a glass quiet like this, as these glasses feature incredible topographic impressions of America’s greatest mountain peaks, including Half Dome, Denali, Mt. Rainer and Mt. Whitney.

If that wasn't impressive enough for you, these whisky glasses are cut from premium lead-free glasses, making them lightweight yet highly durable. Whether you require a post-work beverage or you're staying in for date night, these Whiskey Peaks glasses are the most sophisticated way to indulge while capturing a James Bond essence.

Extra Soft Socks

For the man who likes comfort...

Bonobos $15.00
Never estimate what you put on your feet, which is why these extra soft Bonobos socks are one of the best yet underrated gifts for boyfriends on the market.

These socks are highly cosy thanks to their Pima Cotton blend that comes with a cushioned footbed and mesh ventilation, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry no matter how sweaty they get. These socks come in various fun colours, prints and patterns perfect for lifting for active and everyday wear.

HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle

For the adventurer...

GoPro $549.99
If the man in your life has a creative eye and wants to take his videography skills to the next level, this high-tech camera package is the right gift for him.

With a double frame rate, enhanced low light performance and advanced Hypersmooth 4.0 video stabilisation available in all modes, it's no surprise this model is one of the most powerful go pros ever. The Hero10 Black has cloud connection, and its bundle comes with a magnet swivel clip, a spare battery, 32GB SD card and a camera case for a low price. This is an exceptional gift, especially if your boyfriend wants to capture life's greatest moments.

Theragun Prime

For the man who needs to relax...

Therabody $499.00
Look, it's been a stressful past few years and what better way to relieve that stress than with Therabody's Percussive Therapy Gun. This is the ultimate fun gift idea, as this massage gun comes with a firm ergonomic multi-grip ensuring you can precisely soothe all knots and tight muscles.

This little power machine is highly efficient, as it can operate on full power and be quieter than ever, even if your spouse is sleeping. Also, you can hook your Bluetooth and control its functions all from your smartphone for extra convenience. So, if your boyfriend needs destressing, we seriously can't recommend this item enough.

Charge 5

For the fitness freak...

Fitbit $269.95
Joining the ranks of great gifts for boyfriends really into their fitness is the Charge 5 Fitbit, one of the most advanced health trackers on the market right now.

Thanks to its on wrist ECG app, you can track your heart health and stress management. Additionally, this innovative Fitbit can also help you track your sleep and help you to understand your sleeping patterns better, so you're guaranteed to wake up feeling energised. You'll also get smartphone app notifications to help get you organised and on schedule. There's nothing this device can't do.

Delta Force Camo Golf Glove

For the golfer...

G/FORE $40.00
If your boyfriend is a serious golf lover, then make sure you snatch up this stylish bit of golf apparel. G/FORE is one of the best places to find gifts for boyfriends, as this leading golf brand serves a collection bound to make a statement the moment you enter the golf range.

This glove is made from fine Cabretta leather for superior comfort and durability and comes with a rubber patch detail on the TAB. Available in a trendy camo print, and if that isn't tempting enough, G/FORE offers free standard shipping as well.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker

For the coffee enthusiast...

Ratio Coffee $345.00
This is the perfect present for coffee lovers, as this coffee maker fuses rocket-science-level precision and an award-winning design aesthetic to make some of the best homebrew. This machine is extremely user friendly as it simulates a skilled barista's coffee making with a click of a button, enabling anyone to make a great cup of coffee to get their morning started.

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker can brew up to 40 ounces of coffee at one time and is built to last a long time with its five-year warranty. Its sleek design will also look incredibly cool on any counter space or coffee table.

Black Chrome Carbonator 3

For the hydrated man...

Aarke $290.00
Speaking of great kitchen appliances and gifts for boyfriends, Aarke's trendy carbonator is a modern sparkling water maker created by two industrial designers, the perfect present for everyday use. The Black Chrome Carbonator 3 is finished in elegant black stainless steel and is compact and chic enough to sit beautifully on any kitchen bench.

With an easy-to-use design, the lever both carbonates liquid and releases pressure, making the best sparkling water your boyfriend will ever taste! This gift is great because it's practical and will make your boyfriend feel fancy in the comfort of his own home.

BEOLIT 20 Bluetooth speaker

For the music lover...

Bang & Olufsen $529.00
If you’re looking for the ultimate present to help get the party started, then look no further long-lasting Bluetooth speaker. For extra convenience, this powerful speaker comes with a smartphone input to charge your phone and can play music while providing rich, crisp sound through its powerful amplifiers.

This sound machine will last up to eight hours before having to recharge, keeping the party going until the early hours of the morning. Beolit offers free delivery and free gift wrapping services to make your life a little easier.

Alcantara Phone Case

For the accident prone...

Interiorex $29.99
Alcantara is one of the best places to shop for gifts for boyfriends who need to protect their devices. Alcantara has the most talented artisans who use premium materials independently selected from the Alcantara factory to create this impeccable range.

With a collection of phone cases treated with meticulous detail, inspected ‘corner by corner’, you’ll struggle to find a product this protective. Whether you’re looking to customise your case or looking for a product that’s highly durable yet lightweight, you can expect to find it all here.

Hypto Krypto Futureflex Soft Surfboard

For the surfer...

Haydenshapes $789.00
If your boyfriend is an avid surfer, we can’t recommend this enough. Since the late nineties, Hayden Shapes has been making the best boards using ethically and sustainable methods to help preserve the environments we love to play in.

This board is a modernised update of their iconic Hypto Krypto board that comes with an internal Parabolic Carbon Fibre frame, full grip textured deck and shaped rails. For those in Australia or New Zealand, Hayden Shapes will deliver this board almost immediately, and if you break your board, you’ll get 20% off a new one.

A Night On Earth In Scotland Whisky

For the whisky drinker...

The Macallan $165.00
For the whisky drinker, there’s no better gift than a bottle of ultra-premium whisky which he can curl up with and enjoy whenever he wants a taste of palatable joy. The Macallan’s A Night On Earth In Scotland is a limited edition single malt whisky crafted by Master Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess which is simply delectable with notes of shortbread, butterscotch, and vanilla.

Exquisitely packaged, unboxing A Night On Earth In Scotland will be just as delightful as drinking it, thanks to the beautiful imagery created by acclaimed illustrator Erica Dorn, which features on both the bottle and gift box. Trust us, any man will be simply thrilled with The Macallan’s rich whisky as a gift. Price: $165.

Mick Jagger In Saint Tropez Artwork

For the art lover...

DMARGE $295.00
This black and white image of rock legend Mick Jagger will instantly elevate any interior decor, making it one of the best homely gifts for boyfriends. In this image, Jagger lives his best life in 1971, driving around in his Morgan Plus 8 Roadster in Saint Tropez.

The early seventies proved to be a pivotal time for The Rolling Stones, who relocated to the South of France following the death of their lead guitarist, Brian Jones. The early seventies also saw The Stones launch their own record label and release their famous album Sticky Fingers, making it the ideal gift for those wanting to capture a little nostalgia.

Copper Old Fashioned Bar Kit

For the amateur bartender...

Cocktail Kit $89.95
For those who want to become an expert mixologist or simply improve their cocktail making skills, ensure you get your hands on this bar kit. Myer is home to many great lifestyle gifts for boyfriends, and this old fashion cocktail equipment is certainly up there with the best of them. This fancy kit includes a Carats mixing glass, Japanese jigger, Hawthorn strainer and a teardrop bar.

Marshmallow Crossbow

For the sweet tooth...

MMX Vancouver $140.00
With a crossbow that can safely shoot out marshmallows across 60 feet, this invention officially is one of the best gifts for boyfriends. This present is ideal for a partner with a sweet tooth and loves to unleash that inner child within. Handcrafted in Vancouver using old school craftsmanship, this bow is straightforward and has an adjustable mallow holder to shoot from varying distances.

Porsche Milestones Book

For the car enthusiast...

teNeues $110.25
If your boyfriend has a passion for cars, more specifically a love for Porsches, then this gift is perfect for him. This book delves into the rich history of Porsches and its influence on the automobile industry: from the legendary ducktail to the luxurious Panamera.

Written by a mix of car experts, journalists, writers and avid car lovers, this novel brings deep knowledge of the unconventional sports car through insightful text and images. Be sure to snatch this gift up quick.

MasterClass Subscription

For the man who's hard to buy for...

MasterClass Prices start from $23/month
A subscription to this educational platform is truly one of the best gifts for boyfriends around. With unlimited access to over 100 instructors, your boyfriend will learn a whole plethora of new skills that range from the art of negation, cooking, writing, rock climbing, interior design and much more.

This is the perfect gift if you’re unsure what to get your significant other; as these classes are incredibly diverse, your boyfriend is bound to find something that aligns with his interests and perhaps even pick up a new hobby. Each master class is a tutorial or lecture pre-recorded by experts in their field so that you can stream them anytime at your own pace.