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12 Best Golf Sunglasses 2022

Is the sun proving to be an enemy on the golf course? You need a pair of the best golf sunglasses around.

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Being a game of precision and coordination, a pair of golf sunglasses can help vastly improve your vision and are a must for every visit to the golf course. The best pair of golf sunglasses should give you a huge advantage over your game and protect your eyes at the same time.

Not so long ago, it was unheard of for professional golfers to wear sunglasses. They were considered a hindrance to depth perception, but thanks to advances in technology, more and more casual and professional golfers have been using golf sunglasses to relieve their eyes from the intense heat that is common on the course.

Features of the golf sunglasses

A pair of golf sunglasses can do more than just protect your eyes, they can help your shot as well. Made with performance in mind, golf sunglasses come packed with lenses that can contrast colours, making them more defined. You are able to read greens better and any hazards in between you and the hole will stand out, giving you insight into where to place your shot.

Golf sunglasses are also constructed to be worn for those long rounds and come with flexible frames as well as rubber arms and nose pads. These features also make them slip-resistant so they won’t be sliding under sweat or shifting during your shots.

How can polarised lenses help your game?

Designed to minimise glare, the process to create polarised lenses in golf sunglasses is caused by a combination of special chemicals and materials. Especially on the course, all sunlight hits horizontally, so this process laminates the polarised lenses in a vertical pattern which pushes the light away from your eyes.

This means you can look out at the flag without even a squint and set up your shot comfortably.