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The Best Online Gym Equipment Shops For The Heavy Lifter

Staying in shape and building muscle is something we’d all love to fit into our daily routines. But sometimes the idea of going to the gym can be met with some resistance. We spend hours and several hundred dollars kitting ourselves out for working out, but it can often be to no avail.

That’s where a home gym can come in handy. Not just a luxury for the rich and famous who have acres of lands to build their own full-scale setups, home gyms can be as large or small as you want to make them. Even if you just secure yourself a set of dumbbells and a soft mat, you’ll be able to put your body through some gruelling workouts.

Knowing where to buy reputable gym equipment from is likely going to be the main obstacle stopping you from making gains, so to make the whole process that bit easier, we’ve found the best of the best online stores selling all manner of strength and cardio machines, weights and benches. Your Adonis-like body awaits.

Online Gym Equipment Stores FAQ

What's the best basic gym equipment?

To get started on your home gym, you need dumbbells, barbells and weight plates, jump rope, pull up bars and medicine ball. If you have the budget, invest on a treadmill or indoor exercise bike.

What to use to clean gym equipment?

Apply disinfectant spray in a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down your gym equipment, rewetting as needed. For your rubber mats, use a mop made of nylon as the cotton ones leave bits and pieces behind.

How to workout at home without equipment?

You can still do exercises without gym equipment. Just be creative. You can do chair dips to sculpt your triceps, do squats and pushups, plank or go running.